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23.00 Thanks for joining us and meeting at the next live!

Player Ratings:

Italy U21 (4-3-3): Carnesecchi 7.5; Adjapong 6, Del Prato 7.5, Ranieri 6 (63 ′ Bettella 6), Room 6.5 (55 ′ Tripaldelli 7); Zanellato 7.5 (63 ′ Maistro), Carraro 6.5, Locatelli 7 (83 ′ Maggiore 6); Kean 7.5, Pinamonti 7 (55 ′ Scamacca 7.5), Cutrone 6.5. Annex Nicolato 7.

Armenia U21 (4-1-4-1): Aslanyan 4.5 (72 ′ Grigoryan 6); Mkrtchyan 4.5 (72 ′ Grigoryan 5), Khacumyan 5.5, Daniielian 5.5, Grigoryan 5; Geghamyan 5; Movsesyan 5 (57 ′ Portugalgyan 5), Bichakhchyan 6, Khamoyan 5 (66 ′ Nalbandyan 5), Melkonyan 6; Hovhannisyan 5 (57 ′ Sadoryan 5). All. Flores 4.5.

22.55 Very good Italy that never gave up and played and scored with important actions with a construction from behind through the low median, to signal the excellent performance of Kean and the Italian defense.

92 ′ The match ends, Italy-Armenia Under 21 6-0.

90 ′ There will be two minutes of recovery.

88 ′ Carnesecchi wipes out a dangerous ball thrown long by the Armenian midfield for Melkonyan.

86 ′ From the right Adjapong puts in the middle for Scamacca but the ball is too strong.

84 ′ Outside Locatelli and inside Maggiore for Italy.

82 ′ Locatelli in split from the left tries to put in the middle for Cutrone who does not manage to score the seventh goal.

80 ′ Armenian counter-foot, one against one of Melkonyan against Del Prato won by the blue central.

78 ′ Kean arrives at the bottom from the right and puts in the middle for Cutrone who hits his head but the goalkeeper gets up and deflects the ball.

76 ′ Match that begins to go down with a complicate rhythm the large result in favor of the azzurrini.

74 ′ Vardanyan for Mkrtchyan for Armenia.

73 ′ Injury of the Armenian goalkeeper, Aslanyan comes out for M. Grigoryan.

72 ′ Inside Nalbandyan in Armenia, outside Geghamyan for Armenia.

71 ′ Trippaldelli still from the left puts in the middle for Scamacca who for a very short time does not find the personal double.

69 ' Gooooooooooooooooooool, Del Pratooooooooooooooooooooo, he does everything from central defender to midfield arrives at the limit and kicks a bolide that goes off inside the opponent's goal! Italy-Armenia 6-0.

67 ′ Outside Ranieri and inside Bettella for Italy.

66 ′ Outside Zanellato and inside Maistro for Italy.

64 ′ Inside Sadoyan and Portugalyan, out of Hovhannisyan and Movsesyan for Armenia.

62 ′ Yellow for Zanellato for dangerous game.

60 ' Gooooooooooooooooooooool, Scamaccaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, the attacker immediately crossed the net with a cross from the left and hit his head precisely sending the ball to the far post, Italy-Armenia 5-0.

58 ′ Outside Hall and inside Trippaldelli for Italy.

57 ′ Outside Pinamonti and inside Scamacca for Italy.

55 ' Gooooooooooooooooooool, Zanellatoooooooooooooooooo, Cutrone enters the penalty area and pulls back but rejects the opposing goalkeeper who has the ball found in the feet of Zanellato who in front of the goalkeeper does not forgive, Italy-Armenia 4-0.

53 ′ Zanellato stretched out in midfield from behind, yellow to Khachumyan.

51 ′ Carnesecchi again, parrying with his feet on Bichakhchyan who had appeared before the door.

49 ′ Ranieri slipped anticipates Bichakhchyan who had entered the penalty area.

47 ′ Very high Italy in this second half starts.

Start shooting!

21.50 Good Italy but bad field our boys still manage to exploit the areas of the field where the ball is able to run through long pitches that find Cutrone and Kean ready to score two goals.

A soon for the second half.

46 ′ The first half ends, Italy-Armenia Under 21 3-0.

45 ′ There will be only one minute of recovery.

44 ′ Cutrone near the fourth net with his play he goes into the penalty area and tries to shoot but is walled up.

42 ' Goooooooooooooooool, Keannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, Locatelli for Cutrone who enters the shot and finds the goalkeeper's refusal but Kean is ready to reiterate on the net, Italy-Armenia 3-0.

40 ′ Carraro played for Pinamonti who gets the space inside the penalty area and goes to the shot, ball deflected by the goalkeeper.

38 ′ Yellow Movsesyan laying Adjapong launched on the right wing.

36 ′ Pinamonti with the heel for Cutrone but the ball is too fast and does not reach the ex Milan forward.

34 ′ Zanellato tries to trade with Kean but is anticipated by the Armenian fullback.

32 ′ Bichakhchyan pulls from the edge of the right area, rejects Carnesecchi.

30 'Grigoryan of punishment puts in the middle but Carraro sweeps his head.

28 ′ Grigoryan save on Cutrone's back-to-back after a short corner.

26 ′ Italy is interpreting the game well with long balls where the ball can bounce sufficiently.

24 ' Goooooooooooooooooooool, Pinamontiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Shot from outside the area of ​​Sala that finds Pinamonti in the shooting line that blocks the ball and punches the goalkeeper at the far post, Italy-Armenia 2-0.

22 ′ Italy that tries to attack with the insertions of half points but right there the field is not in perfect condition.

20 ′ Movsesyan tries a cross in the middle but the ball goes wide.

17 ′ Movsesyan in an attempt to sweep the ball takes Carraro's full face.

15 ' Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool, Keannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, Kean launched into the open by Cutrone sends the ball under the legs of the goalkeeper, Italy-Armenia 1-0.

13 ′ LARGE PARADE by Carnesecchi who pushes Melkonyan off to cross his foot.

11 ′ Locatelli launches Kean on the right wing who handles for Zanellato, who tries to find the deviation of the opponent.

9 ′ Bravissimo Carnesecchi that anticipates the cut of the opponent launched from midfield.

7 ′ Kean from the right hand side for Pinamonti who hits the ball outside but finds the goalkeeper ready to push back.

5 ′ Kean on the left tries a double pass but loses the ball in an attempt to overtake his opponent.

3 ′ Locatelli on the left crosses for Kean who hits his head but can't find the goal.

1 ′ Locatelli launches Sala on the left lane but the ball does not run very well on the playing field.

Start the game!

20.54 Finally the teams enter the field, national anthems and starting whistle shortly.

20.40 For the first time in the history of the Italy Under 21, a female referee will direct the match: Stephanie Frappart had already been protagonist in Liverpool-Chelsea (European Super Cup final in August) and is a permanent presence in Ligue 1.

20.29 Three changes compared to the 3-0 imposed on Iceland: space in defense to Adjapong (unavailable Cage) and in midfield to Zanellato, preferred to Maggiore. In front of Kean you see that, after the disqualification post Ireland, takes the place of Sottil and completes the trident with Pinamonti-Cutrone.

20.10 Social Images:

20.06 The intervention of the employees and the last inspection of the referee triad has therefore decreed the official decision: starting whistle initially scheduled at 18.30, but at Massimino it will be played starting from 21.00.

20.00 Official referee Stephanie Frappart's decision: Italy and Armenia Under 21 will take the field at 21.00

19.48 A new inspection of the refereeing triad on the pitch is underway.

19.33 Particularly critical is the situation on the sides of the field: it is here that the work of the Massimino employees is concentrating to favor drainage.

19.22 Expected a second inspection by the French referee Stephanie Frappart to assess the state of the pitch. Updates are expected from Catania.

18.55 The ball struggles to bounce on the pitch: there will still be a bit of waiting to see if the match will be played or will be permanently postponed.

18.53 It is expected, shortly, another inspection of the referee the French Stephanie Frappart.

18.51 Some Italian players are on the pitch to warm up with the ball.

18.41 The head of the Italian Under-21 delegation, Massimo Paganin, spoke about the risk of postponement due to the bad weather that hit Catania: "I spoke with both the UEFA delegate and the referee Frappart: the decision is to wait because the conditions of the pitch are not yet satisfactory. We'll probably wait another half hour before we start warming up. Without rain the conditions will improve, but delegate and referee will decide. "

18.38 The images of the field:

18.35 Late kick-off and race at risk for the conditions of the pitch.

18.31 The playing field of the Massimino is not in perfect condition.

18.28 The race may not be played. We are awaiting further updates.

18.22 Italy does not concede a goal from 461 minutes: in the last 5 games, in fact, he kept the clean sheet

18.19 The two national teams have already faced each other, in the Armenian territory, in this group: it was Italy with the score 1-0.

18.16 In general there are 6 ko of Armenia in the last 10 matches (2 wins and 2 draws).

18.13 The last defeat for the Azzurrini goes back to June 19: 1-0 defeat against Poland, Armenia instead comes from two consecutive defeats.

18.10 Italy arrives at the event returning from 5 wins in their last 6 games.

18.07 A female referee, France's Stephanie Frappart, will direct the match between Italy and Armenia. This is the first time in the history of our Under 21.

18.04 Armenia, on the other hand, only scored 3 points in 5 games.

18.01 In 4 games Italy won 10 points and in the standings they are three points behind Ireland, but they have played two more games.

17.58 For the Azzurrini it is the fifth race in the group, while for the opponents it is the sixth.

17.55 Here are the official formations:

ITALY (4-3-3): Carnesecchi; Adjapong, Del Prato, Ranieri, Sala; Zanellato, Carraro, Locatelli; Kean, Pinamonti, Cutrone. Ct. Nicolato

ARMENIA (4-1-4-1): Aslanyan; Mkrtchyan, Khachumyan, Daniielian, Grigoryan; Geghamyan; Movsesyan, Bichakhchyan, Khamoyan, Melkonyan; Hovhannisyan. Ct. Flores

17.52 Good evening and welcome to the direct live text of Italy-Armenia Under 21, valid match for the qualifying for the European Championship.

Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE textual of Italy-Armenia Under 21 match valid for the qualification to Euro 2021, Italy must win to conquer the summit in the contested group with Ireland and Iceland.

THE'Italy comes from the excellent match won in Ferrara against Iceland with goals from Sottil and the brace of Cutrone, now in Catania for the top of the standings faces Armenia. As for training: on goal should go Carnesecchi who has now become the owner at the expense of Plizzari, defense with Adjapong, Bettella, Gabbia and Room, difficult recovery of Pellegrini. In midfield space in Maggiore, Zanellato and Locatelli even if they are looking for Frattesi and Carraro. Attack with Sottil, Cutrone and a tip between Scamacca and Kean returning from disqualification, further away Pinamonti.

In pre-game press conference Paolo Nicolato takes the defense of Moise Kean accused of off-court behavior: "It was perfect these days. It is not easy to manage all this interest, this pressure, this amplification of his exploits – explained the Italian coach -. With me here both the other time, when he was punished beyond measure, that this time he moves well in the group, he wants to play. It must combine talent, motivation and tranquility. At his age it is not easy ".
Nicolato does not want voltage drops. "The danger is more nervous. We arrived at the match with Iceland without certainties, with an almost invented defense and a midfield with some new features: and we played well. The danger is believing that you have made five steps forward and that this game is easier, but it will be difficult. From a nervous point of view we have spent a lot and the matches are close – said the technical commissioner -. Attention must be paid. Don't underestimate your opponent. Because as they say in my part, "peaceful died young". Our technical qualities, which are good, are not enough if we do not have the same intensity of play, which for the moment we do not have because so many players do not have a great playing time in their legs ".
Armenia beaten 1-0 away, but should not be underestimated. "He had created some problems with the restarts. We are a dribbling team, rather than a leg. And we have to take certain risks into account: our idea is to bring many players into the opponent's half of the field, some re-start we have to give it for strength. But we must limit them to a minimum. Then it is not that we play with an empty goal, the goalkeeper serves that ".
On the objective of his work as a blue technician. "The goal is to form a group of players who may not be ready to play right away but prepare them when they are needed. Give experience to kids who don't have it. So we will have to be patient, because the experience does not come without errors ”.

OA Sport offers LIVE LIVE for Italy-Armenia Under21, valid match for the Euro 2021 qualification: real-time news and constant updates. Start kick at 18:30. Good fun!

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