Giuseppe Conte to the former Ilva, harsh protest of the workers: "You do not represent us"


Giuseppe Conte, arrived at the Ilva of Taranto, was stormed by the striking workers. "I am here, I came" the premier repeated as one of the workers shouted at him: "You don't represent us". "Since we were put in cash," another shouted, "we are unwanted, we cannot enter. It is a continuous cycle plant you do not know, we take you there." Then, to a worker who insulted him, Conte replied: "You are rude, I will talk to you later. Let the workers talk, we are here to listen." Among the choirs also those of those who ask for the closure: "We want to be defended not mocked president", "via the shield for Mittal", "in Taranto everything is granted", "Is the life of the tarantins worth less than those of Genoa? ".

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