Giuseppe Conte, "operation responsible". Who betrays Silvio Berlusconi to save the prime minister


There are strange maneuvers in the palaces of politics. THE governors of the Democratic Party, in connection with the premier Giuseppe Conte, they strongly hope in the constitution of autonomous groups of escaped from the opposition, especially from Forza Italia, that go to strengthen a government coalition already in pieces. The target of the sherpas of the majority, reveals The Republic in a backstory, it is to be able to compensate for the losses of parliamentarians Five stars with i "Responsible" moderates and liberals. These groups would serve the prime minister and the government also in anti-Renzian key, to limit the passages of parliamentarians to Italy Viva.

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A patrol of Forces willing to leave Silvio Berlusconi it is more or less ready: there will soon be ten senators disappointed in the Segre commission: Andrea Causin, Franco Dal Mas, Massimo Mallegni. Who says: "We want to continue our battle inside the party and we do not resign ourselves to the line of the usual seven or eight known. But if we do not succeed in the intent, well, we will see … The change of jacket? Often not the parliamentarians but the parties to change … ". And another blue reveals: "The parliamentary groups will hold up only if there are early elections in the spring. Without the seats cut and with a party still at 6/7 percent the chances of re-election for many of us will still be fair. with the prolongation of the legislature, everyone will be free ".

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