Giuseppe Agrati kills sisters for the inheritance in Cerro Marrio 10 November 2019


An Italian 68-year-old is now held in jail, held responsible for the aggravated murder of his sisters, which took place in the early hours of 13 April 2015, by means of a voluntary fire in the house in which they slept. The man was arrested on Saturday by the police on an order issued by the magistrate of Busto Piera Bossi. The accusation is of double homicide aggravated by premeditation.

According to law enforcement agencies, Giuseppe Agrati, therefore, set fire to the house in Via Roma where the sisters Carla and Maria, aged 68 and 70, lived, with the express purpose of killing them and not sharing their inheritance with them of another brother, who died a few months earlier.

That night a violent fire broke out in the building. Maria had been found dead in the bedroom (a second fire developed outside), charred, while Carla's body had been discovered in the bathroom of the house: she had probably fainted and then been overcome by exhalations.

The only one to be saved was Angelo, who had gone out into the street in his pajamas and was rescued. The registration in the register of suspects had arrived after the file was filed by the Milan public prosecutor's office, at the request of an objection filed by a nephew of the two women to the request to dismiss the Public Prosecutor of Busto Arsizio.

In recent weeks the investigators, including the scientific investigation section of the Carabinieri of the Investigation Unit in Milan, had returned to Via Roma for a new inspection of the drama scene. According to an appraisal in the apartment two distinct outbreaks would have developed: the first in front of the entrance door – in the inner part – and the other in the bedroom of the house.

During the interrogations, the suspect continued to change versions several times, regarding the time and mode in which the flames broke out and, according to the prosecution, then staged a fire that broke out outside the house to mislead the investigations. Even from the interceptions a very clear picture emerges: the man often spoke of "his money".

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