Giuntoli: "Manolas out? Let me explain. Nobody likes withdrawal. Serious relationship between ADL and Ancelotti"


Napoli sports director Cristiano Giuntoli spoke to SKY Sport on the microphones a few minutes before the match against Salzburg.

Great expectations at the San Paolo for the Naples-Salzburg race, Cristiano Giuntoli, spoke to SKY Sport microphones: "Manolas on the bench? I honestly believe that Carlo made Manolas rest because they were both, both he and Maksimovic, back from a period without training and neither of them do 90 minutes. The choice of retreat? It was not difficult to mediate. To the team he is accused of not having continuity, the president has thought to make them stay together, all quiet, without the stress of the families Ancelotti has expressed his opinion, but we take it in a serene way, there is a great relationship between president and coach. "It was a way to stay close to the players. No footballer thinks he is happy to retire. In Italy we are always making controversy, but it is a beautiful thing: the coach takes the side of the team, as it should be ".

Giuntoli added: "Is there a defensive midfielder? We have Allan who has these characteristics, Zielinski is turning into an eclectic player who has both phrases, Fabian the same, Elmas has great offensive propulsion but is also good at contrasts. In these games there is "It was a decline in concentration for the whole team, not just for one department. The Manolas-Koulibaly couple are disappointing? They played very little together, 6 games, 3 of which we didn't score. It takes a little patience, especially in defensive phase it takes a few games to get to know each other and find the right mechanisms. This team has proven to be worth a lot, other times it is worth less, now we are looking for continuity of performance, for the rest we don't have big problems ".

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