Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini, the "pact of the bike" for the division of Palazzo Chigi


They didn't meet, but between Matteo Salvini is Giorgia Meloni the agreement – skirmishes on the name of Mario Draghi apart – it's total. To the point that the president of Brothers of Italy, while visiting theEicma of Milan, the international cycle and motorcycle show, thus answers the question of whether it would go up on a vehicle driven by Matteo Salvini: «If you drive him, yes. Because riding on two wheels is not really my forte. But, if he drives, willingly: I trust. I go on motion and we take a ride, straight to Palazzo Chigi ».

Meloni visits the Salone at the Rho Fair in the morning. Save the afternoon. A further confirmation of how the sovereign axis on whose wings the center is flying – overcoming for the first time 50% in the average of the polls – marches in the same direction. As, precisely, the attention to the kermesse dedicated to cycle and motorcycle, Italian excellence. With the left absent. After all, in the afternoon he will sing from the stage of the Teatro Nuovo, in Piazza San Babila, while Ilva, "the largest steelworks in Europe, risks closing down, Parliament deals with words of hatred" with the Segre commission.

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"COMMUNIST LEFT" – Another spy of the pact between the main coalition forces, is the support they both give to Santiago Abascal and his Vox for today's Spanish elections. But yesterday, for Meloni, it was above all the day in which to remember, as traditionally does Fratelli d 'Italia, the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. An anniversary, says Giorgia in the demonstration convened in the heart of Milan, which despite having the trappings of the "Day of freedom", is spent in the "indifference of Italian institutions. No one has done anything: neither the institutions nor the schools. In Italy we cannot speak badly of communism. And then we would be nostalgic.

We do not accept lessons on freedom and democracy from those who are celebrating the release from prison of the person convicted of corruption Lula ».
Brothers of Italy does things big. At the Teatro Nuovo echo the notes of The Wall by Pink Floyd and on the screen, before the speeches – the sociologist Francesco Alberoni, Giulio Tremonti, take the floor, to which FdI has already offered the candidacy, and the MEP Carlo Fidanza, in video there are the contributions of the singer-songwriter Enrico Ruggeri and Edoardo Sylos Labini read a message from the British philosopher Roger Scruton – projecting the images on the horrors of the Wall.

Meloni heads down a government that is doing everything to "divert attention from its atrocities".
In the viewfinder, the maneuver ends with "taxes with the English name" (plastic tax, sugar tax, "it means that they are going to care", says Meloni in Roman dialect), the management of immigration ("they signed an agreement with the Germany that will force us to take back the "doubters" »and the Italian acquiescence in the face of Brussels, to which« the political classes have given themselves hands and feet ».

«ITALY SOLD» – In short, if the Berlin Wall has fallen, the one of the left remains to be taken down, as the boys of National Youth do in Bologna, who push a wall with photos of the President of the Emilia Romagna Region, Stefano Bonaccini, with a push of the mayor of Bologna, Virginio Merola, and of the former premier Romano Prodi. And in the evening, on Twitter, the number one FdI also jokes about the tweet with which the Democratic Party celebrates the event: "Look, you were the Wall".

On the day Salvini reveals that he has received a new bullet – «I don't cry. In a civilized country we should not risk neither I nor the Segre »- with Meloni the only distance is registered on the name of Mario Draghi for the presidency of the Republic. Brothers of Italy is collecting signatures for the direct election of the Head of State. "The neighbor should be elected directly by the citizens. And I don't think they would choose Draghi or Prodi ». Yet the former governor of the ECB would not mind Salvini, who answered "why not?" With a precise question. Replica of Giorgia: "Not in my name".

by Tommaso Montesano

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