Giordano: "Ancelotti pulls out the medicine, the players must prove they were extras!"


Antonio Giordano, a Corriere dello Sport journalist, spoke on Radio Marte about the work that Ancelotti will have to do now.

Antonio Giordano has issued some statements to the microphones of Mars Sports Live, in-depth transmission on the hot topics in the Neapolitan home – and not only – broadcast on the frequencies of Radio Mars. These are his thoughts on the blue club: "What resources can Naples take, now, to recover in the field? The first guarantor is Carlo Ancelotti. It is an added value for everyone in this city. It will be enough? It must be, otherwise it means that something is happening in the Ancelotti we know ".

Giordano then added: "He is the one who has to guarantee. He is higher than all the others, presidents and footballers. He has to get the medicine to cure Naples and heal it quickly. The players, at this moment, are those who, more than each other must prove they were extras, not because they wanted to, but because in life it can happen to have a moment of decline ", concluded the journalist of Corriere dello Sport which closely follows the events of the SSC Napoli.

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