Gigi Proietti: "" Salvini feels threatened like Liliana Segre? Disturbing statements "


"Does Salvini say he is threatened? We also give him the escort so he is happy! Certain declarations are worrying, "said actor and director Gigi Proietti at Adnkronos after assigning the escort to life senator Liliana Segre due to the growing threats and anti-Semitic insults against him.

A joke that comes following the statements of former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini who yesterday said: "The threats, by anyone, are very serious. Those that I receive daily, those against Segre, against Salvini and against anyone who are very serious ".

Proietti went on to comment: "Maybe we got distracted. It has been a while since there have been strange, I would say, disturbing signs in this country. Often the statements of people who should represent the people are worrying. If I speak, I speak for myself while politicians speak for their voters and this is very worrying ″.

The actor and director also commented on the center-right abstention in the Senate with respect to the motion, presented by Liliana Segre herself, for the establishment of a Commission to combat anti-Semitism and racism: "If one does not condemn drastically, without if and without but (hatred, racism and anti-Semitism ed) means that there is a large part of the Italians who want this and it is the thing that worries me the most ".

"There will have to be a position taken by a more progressive and democratic front to make it clear that the country is not only this, it is also different from the one we are constantly talking about. But we never talk about that other country, "the actor concluded.

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