Gifuni: "Do you know what happened to the San Paolo? There is a thing about the fans that nobody says. Allan's SMS …"


Gianluca Gifuni, radio speaker, spoke to Marte Sport Live about what happened outside the Fuorigrotta plant.

Gianluca Gifuni has issued some statements to the microphones of Mars Sports Live, in-depth transmission on the hot topics in the Neapolitan home – and not only – broadcast on the frequencies of Radio Mars. These are his thoughts on the blue club: "The ultras have exhibited various banners in Naples, but they have been removed. An apology SMS from Allan to vice-president Edoardo De Laurentiis also arrived: it was a significant gesture. Perhaps there will be others and we hope they will arrive ".

Gifuni then added: "The real losers now are the fans, embittered and disoriented by what they have had to suffer as a team and society. Yesterday's protest came from many fans who, although subscribers, preferred to contest outside the San Paolo. something that has not been said Chi has lost is definitely the people: the fans, the fans, the real supporters are in fact terrified for what happened "the journalist said.

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