Gianfranco Rotondi close to leaving Italy for Force and Berlusconi: "He will not die Salvino"


Subbuglio in Forza Italia. The rumors about a possible exodus towards Matteo Renzi and Italia Viva are not just rumors. Maybe not necessarily to go with the scrapped, but many are outgoing: the fiery Friday meeting in Arcore proves it. And among those who do not hide there is Gianfranco Rotondi, blue deputy, who was interviewed by The weather confirms that the farewell hypothesis is on the table. For days, moreover, press rumors have indicated it as possible animator of new parliamentary groups that could help the government. "To want to paraphrase a song – presses into the interview -, Berlusconi represents the best years of our life". Therefore, Rotondi adds:" Today, for Berlusconi it is exactly the same thing: to say Salvini yes-Salvini no. Saying Salvini no – he remarks – does not make Berlusconi any less, indeed, it is more because he takes away the burden of having to guarantee a college. I think that the role of Berlusconi as guarantor of a third sovranist right is not up to the historical space that he had ". Clear words, which Rotondi explains even more in detail. And in short, who will choose the" Salvini-no "what will he do?to build a new one Casa delle Liberta, in which Christian Democrats can make their contribution, of course, but also center-right liberals, leaguers who are still dear the idea of ​​federalism, or those who have experienced the great experience of the National Alliance, "concludes Gianfranco Rotondi.

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