Giancarlo Giorgetti opens to the majority: "Let's do some things together". But Salvini freezes it immediately


The "tactician" Giancarlo Giorgetti, in "free exit" from Matteo Salvini so as to displace the "boss" ("I deal with concrete things"), he is convinced that a Constituent Assembly is needed to save the country. "Let's sit around a table and do four or five things all together, for the good of the country, then return to the vote," says the plenipotentiary of the League, during his speech at "Metamorfosi", the conference organized by Huffpost, the online newspaper directed by Lucia Annunziata, at the Feltrinelli Foundation in Milan. In short, against the immobility of the current government of "beautiful statues", not understood by the country, something clear and understandable for the Italians is needed. So much so that Giorgetti wanted to do it already on August 20th last, when Salvini decided to open the crisis. "It was the only thing we had to do," explains the former undersecretary, "we had to open a table for institutional reforms ". Then, however, the window closed immediately. This time no.

This time he risks opening doors and gates. "We agree to change the 4-5 necessary things, maybe even the electoral law," says Giorgetti, "to give the governing body the chance to decide." "I read that the government wants to change the electoral law. Here, if we do the proportional this country is doomed», States the League representative forcefully.
And if the current governmental majority responds with some caution to the proposal of the League, proving to be "available" to open the "confrontation" with a view to a longer term and longer term, the leader of Italia Viva immediately throws his heart apart the obstacle. «Giorgetti launches the idea of write all together the rules of the game. It seems to me a wise and intelligent proposal. Italia Viva c 'is », Matteo Renzi writes on Twitter.

This is an element that makes Brothers of Italy turn up their noses, seeing in the former prime minister the man of fibrillation, certainly not great occasions. The 5 Star Movement also looks with particular suspicion at the idea of ​​Giorgetti. "I will be happy to hear the proposals," says the Minister for Reforms, Federico D 'Inca, "But what the country needs today is stability through this government". Mistrust, rather than closure in the strict sense. The reason, in this case, is all political. "On the horizon there are three years of immobility to prevent Salvini from going to power," explains Giorgetti, "and we cannot afford this, even if we will gladly take consents that will come to us out of disgust. If we continue to win the administration we strengthen the government, because we are not in a normal situation ». The mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, although in agreement with Giorgetti on the Constituent Assembly, he is less optimistic about early voting. For the mayor, after the polls in Emilia, the government and the majority cannot fail to acknowledge the indication of the voters. Especially for a southern government like this, where the minister Giuseppe Provenzano is convinced that Milan makes little, or nothing, to the country. Like no … But a question remains in the background.

Does the tactician Giorgetti in "free exit" from Matteo Salvini, the man of tactics, move on his own or is he the usual game of the parties? "I am involved in much more concrete themes," says the leader of the League, "Giorgetti's proposal may be interesting in perspective, but meeting the Italians, from Calabria to Romagna, they ask me for less taxes less and less bureaucracy. So I'll deal with it later. " Maybe when the picture is clearer. Giorgetti, one to whom parliamentary life has to be tightened ("I crush a button from Tuesday to Thursday in Rome and being there, you lose contact with the real country that is in Milan") however it seems determined. Inside Forza Italia there are those who speak of "common sense and a long look", commenting on Giorgetti's proposal. In the background, however, the real issue seems to be the electoral law. It is no coincidence that Giuseppe Brescia, president of the Constitutional Affairs Committee, recalling the Salvini-Calderoli line, hopes that the words of Giorgetti "are not the umpteenth mockery". In any case, dialogue yes, but "starting from clear and unambiguous proposals of the majority".

by Enrico Paoli

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