Giancarlo Giorgetti and Nicola Zingaretti, off to negotiations on the electoral law behind the M5s


Pd and League they are dealing with the electoral law, evidently in the knowledge that the Conte government has its days numbered. Matteo Salvini, for the first time, opens to what until recently defined a personal "suggestion" of Giancarlo Giorgetti: or the opening of a "table" to rewrite with all the rules, first of all the electoral law: "I am willing to discuss with everyone to give the country an excellent electoral law that allows it to govern", says Salvini. "I am for the majority but I am willing to talk to others", "even tomorrow to sit around a table with everyone to give the country an electoral law that allows it to vote quickly and effectively. So if there is someone who he wants to write one that allows governability, in a month we close it and in the spring we go to the vote ".

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The appeal of Giorgetti this time was accepted by the secretary of the PD, Nicola Zingaretti, according to which there is a "systemic crisis that must be rapidly addressed with the tools of democracy". Therefore, "even with a new electoral law". The dem leader, recalling that the Democratic Party is for the majority, asked not to "drop Giorgetti's proposal of a discussion table on these issues, to be activated as quickly as possible". The Pd-League comparison is therefore started. Indeed, systematic contacts have been underway for some time between leading members of the Democratic Party and the League, revealing qualified Lega sources. The dialogue would not be directly between Salvini and Zingaretti, but between those dealing with the electoral law dossier. In the last few days, Giorgetti has been seen chatting in the Transatlantic with Andrea Orlando, on at least two occasions.

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