Ghirelli: "Rieti, the new rules work. They have lost the" crafty ""



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Ghirelli: "Rieti, the new rules work. They have lost the" crafty ""

The president of the Lega Pro Francesco Ghirelli commented on the lack of dispute of the match between Rieti and Reggina: "The new rules work, they allow us to defend ourselves better and to avoid disasters. Whoever is not in order must know that someone, in the wake of the rules, will put his face, study everything and will continue to do cleaning – reports -. When we drafted the new rules, no one was so naive as not to put a price on someone trying to bypass them, with the smiles of bandits accustomed to failing companies that think, or rather hope, to return. We have worked all together these days, Gabriele Gravina, Umberto Calcagno, Renzo Ulivieri, Marcello Nicchi with a single goal, to make football normal, to prevent pillorying, to educate young people. A great contribution came from the professionalism that comforted us. They lost i 'Sharp operators tricking', who in the shadow (someone there) hopes to emerge, not caring about the collective good. I feel sorry for the fans, I know you suffer, but we have an obligation to clean up. Today is not a good day because we didn't play, but today we are stronger. As can be seen with the facts, in these months we have not joked. They are all quiet, we will not let our guard down because we know that reforming is not easy, it takes perseverance and time. I would like to see the bandits, the blackmailers, those who think only of their interest 'Particulare', be heard less ". – the transfer market updated 24 hours a day

Other news Serie C

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  • 17.11 18:47 – Ghirelli: "Rieti, the new rules work. They have lost the" crafty ""
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  • 15.11 22:05 – OFFICIAL Rieti-Reggina will be played behind closed doors
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  • 15.11 17:23 – Mayor Avellino: "I take note of the negotiation, but I would have preferred something else"

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