"Get out!" [FOTO e VIDEO CN24]


Training at the San Paolo, the few fans fill the Azzurri with insults. Edo De Laurentiis in the Authority Tribune. Targeted Insigne: Go Away! (PHOTO and VIDEO CN24)
Open-door training for stadium subscribers St. Paul today. After the protest of the ultras outside the stadium gates with choirs and banners, the subscribers thought to fill the players of the stadium with insults. Naples. A lot of offenses for the Azzurri rained down from Yours, the only open sector, where there were about three hundred or four hundred fans. There was no moment during the training session in which no whistles and insults started. One of the most targeted was Lorenzo Insigne. "Get out", they shouted at him from the stands. Edo De Laurentiis present in Authority Tribune to watch the workout. Click on the attached files to see videos and photos of CalcioNapoli24.it.

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