Genoa in revolution, Thiago Motta's bench can jump against Napoli! Pedull: "Chosen the replacement"


Thiago Motta is already under discussion and could leave Genoa in case of a negative result against Napoli tonight.

The Genoa could change technical guidance again and could do so after the game against Naples. In case of negative result of Thiago Mottain fact, it is not excluded that the management takes drastic decisions on the bench. As revealed by Alfredo Pedulla on its official portal, "the defeat against Udinese left its mark on Genoa. Enrico Preziosi he is not happy, he did not like the management of Thiago Motta against the Friulians, he did not like the changes, he liked almost nothing. Precious is this, when he loses delicate games he forgets everything, even the beautiful words about the coach in charge for three days (one win and two defeats) ".

Pedulla then added: "So the advance of tonight at Napoli will be delicate, surprising development of the last hours. In the background remains Davde Ballardini, despite the bad relations after the last experience in Liguria, which in recent days had also been met by Udinese as an alternative to Zenga and waiting for a final decision on Luca Gotti. Just the coach who conquered Marassi and sent Thiago Motta already in trouble ".

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