Generation Z: young people and Ionian territory in Taranto


Generation Z young and Ionian territory
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TARANTO – "Generation Z: young people and Ionian territory" is the name of the orientation project for the children of the Taranto high schools.

Monday, November 18, the boys of the province and the capital from the ages of 14 and 19 will be invited to the Representative Hall of the Province. The meeting stems from the Liviano regional law, within the welfare package.

The Liviano initiative involves 200,000 young people from Puglia in training activities for work orientation and school-work alternation. The Toniolo institute in Milan has started a research on Generation Z and will show its results at the meeting.

The objective of the meeting of "Generation Z: young people and Ionian territory" will be to know the boys. In addition, the experts will provide information on the projects that will start. The ultimate goal is to start university-level research with the kids on their generation.

Many political, religious and university exponents participate in the event, including Mayor Melucci and Governor Emiliano.

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