Gene Gnocchi: "Florenzi? Strange story, I don't know if there is anything extra under football"



GENE GNOCCHI PARMA ROME – “For me it's a special game. If Cornelius is okay, he could make it difficult Rome. The Parma makes a great counter-attack e Kulusevski it is a very good prospect ". Gene Gnocchi, a well-known television personality, spoke on Centro Suono Sport, during the “Bar Forza Lupi” program, talking about the match between Parma and Rome. "Florenzi he is like Ratzinger, he is the emeritus captain; seriously, I don't know if there is something extra football underneath, or it is not in condition or something is wrong, this story sounds very strange to me. Gianluca Mancini it surprised me a lot, it is not afraid to verticalize, it is necessary to give credit to Fonseca. Zaniolo I still can't understand where it can make the most of it: it's good both as a last-pass man, but also as a conclusion on the net; then, he has great leg ”.

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