Gattuso, if the Turin exempts Mazzarri he is the first name


Cairo reassures, but Mazzarri's future hangs in the balance. Signals in the derby, otherwise you change. And on pole there is Gattuso

Urbano's assurances Cairo they have changed places but not of substance. The granata president spoke at the "Grande Torino", after the match against Cagliari, as then at the Olimpico in Rome after the defeat against Lazio: "Mazzarri it is not in question ". Or, even better, it is the only one who is not. And yet, beyond the public outings, the grenade leadership – head patron – are making some reflections in these hours. Also on the technical guide, which in fact is not so solid. No mention of exemption at the moment. A name, on the other hand, it is right to spend it: because, if one were to end up favoring a change on the bench, the profile that enjoys most favor is that of Gennaro Gattuso.

Mazzarri, the derby can decide its future

The former Milan coach is more than just a chance among the many who would make their way in the aftermath of an early farewell by Walter Mazzarri. Goodbye that, we repeat, is not imminent but could become an option if in the Derby against Juventus on Saturday should not arrive the signals that Cairo expects after the withdrawal that imposed, in agreement with the technical staff, to reassemble the group in view of the stracittadina.

Translated: a defeat, especially if it was as bad as that of the midweek shift, would be badly digested by the president. Which at that point could choose to change.

Gattuso, for Torino, is the first name

Last May Gattuso closed the relationship that tied him to the Milan, a club with which it had just missed the Champions League by the end of a championship experienced with great difficulty. Unsuccessfully probed by Sampdoria and Genoa, the Corigliano Calabro coach is waiting for the right call.

No thrusts arrived from Turin yet. Only after the derby (and under certain conditions) will Cairo evaluate whether to launch them. In short, Mazzarri's future hangs in the balance: this too must be taken into consideration to tell a derby that is worth so much. Maybe everything, for someone.

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