Gasperini defects the press conference, DG Atalanta furious: "Serious arbitration errors!"



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Umberto Marino, Atalanta general manager spoke at the press conference after the draw against Sampdoria. Here is what has been highlighted by the editors of

"Why is there no Gasperini? The coach was too much in line with Ferrari and Barrow: he saw the episode well where it is clear that the referee was wrong. He had to be helped by his collaborators because it was impossible not to see that it was launched. The VAR? I said earlier that they should help Irrati, not just the VAR but also the assistant who was on the line. Irrati is a great referee but may have lost his sight. "Completely overturned. Past decisions? We don't cry on each other. Obviously the wrong ones know they've made a mistake. The bodies in charge know that they were wrong as we all are wrong. I hope they don't happen again because they are serious mistakes"

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