Galaxy S11, with telescopic camera and amazing battery


November 7, 2019 – The next top-of-the-range smartphones Samsung will arrive on the market in 2020, but there are already so many rumors about their specifications and characteristics. There Galaxy S series reaches its eleventh edition and is preparing to conquer even the most wary users. Such as? With a battery unmatched, which translates into aautonomy greater than that of previous models.

Indeed, Samsung Galaxy S11 it will be a small and compact smartphone, but at the same time it will have an important battery, which even competes with that of the standard version of the Galaxy S10. The features were revealed by the site Web Safety Korea who also published a photograph of the component, with related measures. The battery has a specific code: EB-BG980ABY which appears clearly in the image. But what are the features of the Galaxy S11 and what can be understood from the photo spread on the web?

Samsung Galaxy S11: what are the characteristics of the battery?

The GalaxyS11, code-named Picasso, is among the most anticipated smartphones of 2020. The presentation will take place as usual in February, in conjunction with the World Mobile Congress (or a few days before) to be held in Barcelona from 24 to 27 February. We already know some technical features, but a few days ago there is news on theenergy autonomy.

In the latest, the Korean news site Web Safety Korea has released the photograph of Galaxy S11 battery. What are the details that suggest it? First of all, the component contains a code that started with "G980" which would correspond to the phone model. What do they know about the battery so far?

Certainly the large dimensions correspond to a very interesting capacity. According to rumors, it should have between 3,800 and 3,900 mAh. This is a real leap forward for the brand, considering that the battery of the Galaxy S10 Standard is 3,100 mAh.

But why Samsung did you make this choice? Many experts immediately thought of the needs of the 5G. The brand would be planning suitable batteries for all mobile phone models. In fact, all the models of the Galaxy S10 they will have a variant 5G, a more stable and faster connection, which steals energy and therefore needs a more powerful battery. An example of this evolution already exists: the Galaxy Note 10 5G, specially designed for the fast network, has a 3,500 mAh battery. For the moment, this model is sold only in South Korea, but soon it will be necessary to adapt smartphones also in Europe, coinciding with the advance of the 5G network.

Galaxy S11: features of the telescopic camera

Rumors have also emerged about the telescopic camera. The Galaxy S11 will have the sensor from 108 Megapixels (exactly like the Xiaomi Note 10 launched in the past hours, whose photographic sector was created in collaboration with Samsung) and, more interestingly, a telescopic lens which should guarantee an optical 5X zoom. In this case, the Koreans have "been inspired" by Huawei's Chinese, who in the past few months have launched a smartphone with a combined optical-digital zoom with 50x magnification.

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