Galaxy celebrations for 10 years were a fiasco? Samsung makes up for it with discount vouchers (updated)


A reason for jubilation such as the celebrations for the tenth anniversary of the Samsung Galaxy series has turned into scorching disappointment for many fans of the Korean brand, which they failed to take advantage of the great promotions made available for the occasion, although they were tuned to the right time. And so, Samsung listened to the complaints, deciding to to be forgiven.

In particular, all those who failed to complete the desired purchases during the celebrations for the tenth birthday of the Galaxy series will be given a discount coupon for future purchases on the manufacturer's official website. To get the voucher however, it will be necessary contact Samsung by email by 8 November to the address sei[email protected], specifying name, surname, e-mail address and mobile number.

At the moment it is not yet clear how much the discount promised by Samsung will be, but we are sure that it will be enough to be forgiven by disappointed users, who have not been able to take home their favorite device or gadget to the tempting promotional prices launched on the occasion of the festivities. Some of you are unhappy, waiting to receive your discount voucher?


The emails containing i begin to arrive coupons (valid until 31 December 2019)of compensation for problems encountered by users during the 10-year celebrations of the Samsung Galaxy series.

In our case, i voucher contained in the email are two: the first consists of 35% discount on the purchase of a Samsung device to choose from Galaxy S10e, S10, S10 +, Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+, Galaxy A50, A80, Galaxy Tab S5e 128 GB LTE and Tab S6 128 GB LTE. The second one is one 50% discount on the purchase of a Samsung product in the series wearable or accessories, including Galaxy Buds.

In short, it cannot be said that Samsung has been spared with these discount vouchers to please unhappy users. Have you already received your email?

During the POWER OF 10 CELEBRATION promotion, many people had the opportunity to purchase one of the devices …

Published by Samsung on Tuesday 5 November 2019

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