Furious Lite between Edoardo De Laurentiis and Allan: what happened


At that time there, when the darkness took its soul, even in a "sanctuary" – which is a dressing room – can escape a word out loud, which then becomes an echo and turns into a noise: however , it all begins Monday afternoon, in a harsh vigil that leaves waste – or will have been drops of gasoline – and in that atmosphere already gloomy. The first day at Castel Volturno, the first of a long series destined to end on Sunday morning – for some the time when there is nothing left to do but return home, give a kiss to a wife and children, redo the suitcase and then leave for the National meeting, a week at least to add to the current one – the Naples is beginning to crumble, (in) consciously, because the strange idea, which is also very crazy, leads to unreason and to suggest to the five senators of the group a line that belongs to everyone: it's called insubordination, then everyone can decide to codify it as they like, but it is the precise will to enter into conflict with the property, to disregard a decision that legitimately falls within the powers of a club on the brink of a crisis of results, which will then overwhelm even the nerves. "But we do not go to Castel Volturno for seven nights».

The furious dispute between Allan and Edoardo De Laurentiis

Naples-Salzburg is considered a watershed, to win it and then intercede directly on Aurelio De Laurentiis throwing it lightly on irony («come on, pres, you've seen what a present we've made you, now make one of us») And to ask him to cancel that provision and understand the reasons for their dissent. (…) The "constructive" retreat (?), Is categorized as punitive decision, feeds a stomach reaction, pushes to climb over invisible fences beyond which the ground becomes undermined: the rest is a moment. The outline of Edoardo De Laurentiis – not only the vice president, but one of the president's heirs – he appears suddenly, as often happens and, perhaps, that is the least propitious moment to cross the looks and then the respective opinions with Allan: it takes little, on a floor made already inflammable by the previous implosions, that the case explodes and then the chaos, and that the fracture widens, becomes almost uncontrollable, overwhelm and still leave the remains of a malaise that now belongs to anyone, of a team that has decided, independently, to "rise" and of a society that discovers the wonder for a choice so lacerating, a wound to heal quickly through the mediation of the parts and a series of messages that then leave at dawn on Wednesday. (…)

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