Funeral of the three firefighters who died in Alessandria, the live broadcast on Rai1 on November 8th


On Friday 8 November, RAI will honor in its own way the three firemen killed in the Alessandria farmhouse a few days ago. The solemn funeral of Matteo Gastaldo, Marco Triches and Nino Candido will be broadcast live on Rai1, starting at 10.50, live from the Cathedral of Alessandria.

The live broadcast will be edited by the editorial staff of Tg1, which in the last few days after the events has dedicated ample space to the incident, being the first editorial staff to make the chilling phone call of the carabiniere Roberto Borlengo, which despite the wounds indicates to his colleagues where the rescue is located and directs: "Hurry up, everything has collapsed, we are dying."

Meanwhile, investigations into the explosion continue, the nature of which was immediately deemed to be malicious, but whose contours remain uncertain. "Who did it, did it to kill". It is the attorney of Alessandria, Enrico Cieri, who takes stock of the investigations concerning the explosion of the farmhouse in Quargnento, in the province of Alessandria, where three firefighters, Matteo Gastaldo, Marco Triches and Antonino died between Monday and Tuesday. White.

For the attorney of Alexandria "it is clear that the gesture is not framed in neighborhood resentments, but it is much more serious". "The investigative activity continues, the assignment to the Ris of Parma has been conferred for the acquisition of all the possible traces on the findings that are gradually collected, from biological ones to fingerprints. This is a job that starts today and will go on as long as it is necessary, as it continues the activity on the site of reclamation and safety of the area, "he explained. The investigations also continue with the acquisition of the memories of the cameras of video surveillance in the area, to check the presence and movements of cars and people "and listening to people" to better understand what happened and who committed the deed. "

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