Funeral of Luca Sacchi, farewell to Rome: friends parade with motorcycles in front of the church. Absent girlfriend Anastasya


A long one silence accompanied the coffin light wood of Luca Sacchi, the 24-year-old personal trainer killed from a pistol shot during a drug trade in Rome, inside the church Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the neighborhood Appio of Rome where i was celebrated on wednesday 6 November obsequies. A silence broken only by the noise of the bikes of some of Luca's friends who have paraded in front of the church a few moments before the beginning of the mass. "There mum does not come off anymore ", say the relatives in tears referring to Concetta. As the grandmother of the boy, carried to the church by weight while repeating “My son. My son". Luca's girlfriend is absent, Anastasya, who was with him the night of the murder.

"There are no words to fill the empty of a loved one who leaves us. Only silence, "said the priest in church during the funeral celebration. And he added: "Luca's death struck us, in a sense he made us die. In the world we live in we sometimes feel discouraged. Let Luca's death be for all of us reason of life ”. During the homily he also spoke of pardon: "It is an expression of love and if you do not love it is difficult to forgive".

To remember Luca in the church was the cousin Roberto: "Even today I cannot achieve what happened. It is not right for such things to happen to good people in a world now in jeopardy. Now there is only so much anger. Luca was a golden boy that all parents wanted as a child. Always smiling. Each of us has a destiny, but this is too much. From today you will be theirs angel. We will never forget you". And he concludes: "If it is true that destiny is written, this is too much. I console myself by thinking that the paradise needed people like you or maybe this world was too tight for you. The angels, seeing you arrive, will have shouted that peace is over, I like to imagine you with not no that protects you. We are left with the most difficult task, to go on, remembering and transmitting your teachings. As a senior cousin, I ask you to to protect your dad, your mom and your brother, we'll do the same ”.

And if silence has opened the funeral, a applause he greeted the young man for the last time when he left the church. Luca's mother, in tears, has for a long time embraced the coffin with a cascade of white roses and a large crown with the words “Mamma, papa and Federico” on it. It's the husband Alfonso to grab Concetta and take her away.


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