Fulminated by a heart attack while hunting


The hunter, 64, collapsed on the ground next to his rifle and died almost instantly. All attempts to rescue him vain

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                <p><strong>He died suddenly, next to a row of vines, while he was going hunting.</strong> And there was nothing for him to do.

When a farmer, working in his own land, noticed the body lying on the ground, next to the gun, E.S, 64, of Conselve, was already dead.

Immediately the farmer turned to the Carbineyou were rushed among the rows together with the staff of 118. Any help, however, was in vain.

According to the reconstruction of the military, the 64-year-old was hunting in the Arre area, in the lower Padua area, when he suffered a heart attack and collapsed on his gun. No shots were fired.

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