from the Democratic Party to the League, who goes down and who goes up


After the regional vote in Umbria and in the crisis of the former Ilva, the center-right continues to grow but in the country it is not an absolute majority, even if it reaches the finishing line. Holds the Democratic Party, if you look to the left: a hypothetical alliance dem in fact, with the pulverized galaxy of the left it would exceed 25%, while the re-proposal of the current structure of government would be substantially on a par with the center-right coalition. Benefit in terms of votes for parties now in opposition and difficulties for those in charge of the country. The Italians, on the other hand, were divided on the usefulness of the cash limit, with a propensity for a positive judgment only in the northern regions.

Last political poll: from the Democratic Party to the League, who goes down and who goes up

It is the photograph of the Italian voting intentions which comes from the latest survey by Izi, an independent research institute led by Giacomo Spaini. Picture taken in the days when the Ilva-Arcelor Mittal case exploded, exploded on November 4 last year with the withdrawal of the multinational (a case that could make its weight felt on the choices of Italians in the next period) and the day after the vote in Umbria where the center-right has won a definite historic victory.

Here are the data, party by party. The center in voting intentions it is one step away from an absolute majority, but does not reach it: the League, the Brothers of Italy and Forza Italia together would, in fact, get 48.8% of votes if they voted today. First party of the center-right coalition, as it is from the latest policies, the League of Matteo Salvini (28.6%) followed by Fratelli d'Italia (10.7%) and Forza Italia (9.5%).

Izi survey: Pd still ahead of the 5-star movement

Majority that could be undermined by the current government structure translated into a coalition, an operation that on the other hand basically failed and was rejected by the Umbrian vote: Pd, 5-star movement, Italy Viva and the other center-left players would collect 48.5% of the votes, with a difference of just 0.3 percentage points from the center-right. I dem in projection in front of the 5 star Movement, as it was in Umbria, even if only slightly: M5s at 17.9% and Pd at 18.2%. Zingaretti's party but, looking to the left, could recover consensus with the galaxy of left-wing parties capable of collecting 7.5%, which added to the Dem votes would mean 25.7%. At the center instead the creature of Matteo Renzi, Italia Viva, would be at 4.9%.

Finally, in the second survey, the cash: the executive has discussed and in all probability will introduce with the next maneuver an increasing limit to the use of cash, even if the conditional is a must given the many reverse gear hitherto carried out. The limit that should arrive within a couple of years at the roof of the thousand euros, a ceiling that sees Italians essentially half divided: 50.6% of those interviewed consider it potentially harmful to trade, while the remaining 49.4% consider it useful to counteract evasion. The judgment is slightly more clearly defined by unpacking this data on a territorial basis, with the Northern regions recording a majority of favorable opinions: in the North-West the favorable are 50.4% and in the North-East 52.5%. The critics have the advantage, instead, in the center (56%) and in the South (50.1%).

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