From "I'll see her later" to "remain in the private". Salvini feeds the yellow on his meeting with Liliana Segre


Throughout the day the meeting between the senator for life, Liliana Segre, and Matteo Salvini takes on the contours of a yellow. Has there been or has not been? One of Segre's sons at the Corriere della Sera had admitted the vis a vis: "A private meeting that such was to remain. For our part, we maintain a total commitment to privacy ”. But who released the news? Early in the morning the Northern League captain dismantles the news from newspapers that confirm the face to face and feed the yellow: "I meet them as I tell them. The meetings that I do not communicate, as far as I am concerned, are not there ”. A moment later Salvini goes further, concealing even more: "I will have the encounter with Segre later. I ask. When will it happen? ". And what will you talk about? "I listen, I listen, she is an extremely intelligent woman. I am young, I want to understand, to learn and to listen ”.

But here we are again with the mystery of the day. After this morning exit, the bewilderment spreads in Italy. For what reason do you deny the meeting? Perhaps because yesterday's senator for life didn't go so well? In the Lega house the mouths remain sewn. Silence. From the close circle of Salvini the version is: “No meeting. He said so too. There is nothing more". Yet, given the declaration of one of the sons to the Corriere, something does not come back in this reconstruction. And then we need to rewind the tape and start again on Friday morning when Salvini is in Florence. At 11 he is planning a press conference at Palazzo Vecchio. Around lunch time, the leader of the Carroccio takes the train and heads for Milan. Where he goes to his home and joins his six-year-old daughter Mirta. Around mid-afternoon, as some non-Northern sources confirm, the leader of via Bellerio, accompanied by little Mirta, materializes at the Segre home.

The meeting must remain private. Nothing must come out of that room. This is the agreement between the two parties. This time it is necessary to maintain maximum reserve. It filters nothing. The fact is that around the time of dinner the TGR of Lombardy spreads the news of a face to face between Liliana Segre, historical memory of the Shoah, and Salvini. The meeting bounces off all the newspaper sites and stands on the front page of today's newspapers. Then it happens that this morning Salvini takes refuge in a turnaround and denies everything. Or at least he seems so reading and re-reading his words. However, they say that those who spread the news, that is the TGR Lombardia, not only confirms the news but assures "that they have had it from two sources". The fact is that at 5:30 pm the yellow seems to be coming to an end. It happens that the former Minister of the Interior shows up at the November Parc of Polesine Parmense and is stormed by reporters. The first question cannot fail to be on the mystery of the meeting. At this point Salvini stops and observes: "What is right to remain in the private, remain in the private". He repeats it three times. Which is how to admit that at the appointment with Ms. Segre the Northern League Captain showed up. In short, the yellow seems solved. But with a detail: the leader of the Carroccio managed another time to get himself talked about.

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