From Allan to Insigne and Mertens, revolt daughter of market ailments


Market-related illnesses, a fire under the ashes. The season from this point of view was not born under a lucky star for Naples and the various hot situations dragged on in these first two and a half months. Ancelotti he found himself managing a group with several Azzurri still struggling with contract renewals and others who remained after the many market rumors of their possible sales to top European clubs. Group that together on Tuesday evening in the dressing rooms of the San Paolo took the decision not to return to retreat. A statement by Insigne, Allan, Mertens, Callejon, Koulibaly and all the others of the squad: the Blues have decided not to board the bus to return to Castel Volturno by returning to their homes.READ ALSO Here is the band of five who broke the front

Many contract renewals still in the balance, starting with those of Callejon and Mertens that are about to expire, the possibility of transfers to top-class clubs that did not materialize (that of Allan, which last January was looked for persistently by the PSG or of Koulibaly armored by De Laurentiis with a 150 million clause). The many voices regarding a possible farewell to last June of Insigne who did not materialize: the attacker of Frattamaggiore after the "bites" to Dimaro di Ancelotti ("I expect him to behave and behave like a captain") and De Laurentiis "He can no longer have childish attitudes") he left again with a smile but then for the stand in Genk another scrape was consumed with the coach returned with the captain's embrace to the coach after the winning goal in Salzburg.

Callejon and Mertens, two of the historical group, began the season with contract expiration. De Laurentiis on the subject went strong on the eve of the Salzburg match. "I made a proposal to both of them, for me they are overpaid for their age. If they want to leave for more money I will not oppose them. I told him I recognized his current salary, we'll talk about it again, "said the president. But at this point it will be difficult to talk about it again and their farewells are increasingly likely to come to China, which can now be much more than just a temptation. And it cannot be excluded that this could happen already between January and February, given that the Chinese market will close after the Italian one and just last February the sale of Hamsik to the Dalian materialized. For the two pillars of Naples in recent years and on which even Ancelotti has always made a great deal of confidence in this season, the future seems ever more distant from the blue jersey.READ ALSO Fans arise "This team must respect us"

Insigne this summer it could also have gone away if some offer had been realized that was considered to be worthy of the blue club: this did not happen and remained in Naples. Moments of tension with Ancelotti were recorded last season at the time of the change with Younes at the San Paolo in the Europa League match against Arsenal when Lorenzo was hit by the whistles of the fans: on May 1 the clarification with the coach and the president in attendance of his manager Mino Raiola. Another clarification this season on October 16 in Castel Volturno, the presence of his agent is still important to recreate a relaxing atmosphere. Insigne has thus reiterated his desire to stay in Naples to win something with this shirt. But the season at this stage has risen sharply and even at the environmental level the captain yesterday experienced another very special moment with the many boos raining down for him (and for all the other blues). In June, therefore, the discussion linked to his future and to his stay in Naples will be topical again: his contract is due to expire in 2022 and at that point the discussion on its possible renewal or departure will be hot again.

Two of the most requested market men during the last winter and summer session: Allan and Koulibaly. For the Brazilian moved the PSG that would have been ready for an important offer for him but then the deal did not materialize because the negotiation with the Naples did not go into port. Allan remained but after these rumors of the PSG last year he had a significant drop in performance from January onwards (with a recovery at the end of the championship). This summer he missed Dimaro's preparation for the America's Cup by suffering in the first few games and returning to good levels before the injury that kept him out even against Salzburg. On Koulibaly the voices of the interests of the most important Premier League (Manchester City and United) and Spanish (Barcelona and Real Madrid) clubs have been chasing for a long time: De Laurentiis has declared him incedibile blocking him with a 150 million clause. "Koulibaly didn't sell it even to 105 million, but there will come a time when we will be forced to sell both him and Fabian," said the president on the sidelines of the signature for the San Paolo stadium convention. And Fabian will be among the objects of the desires of the next summer market while the renewal speech also concerns Milik, Zielinski, Maksimovic and Luperto, all negotiations still in progress. Last updated at 12:02 © REPRODUCTION RESERVED

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