Fred Bongusto dead, Peppino Di Capri: "I wanted to go and see him but they didn't want me"


Fred Bongusto, the singer author of "A roundabout on the sea" is dead in the night after a long illness at the age of 86 and the friend and colleague Peppino Di Capri, in remembering him, did not hold back from expressing his regret at having failed to stay close to him in recent times, throwing a jab at the singer's daughter who – he said – did not want him to visit him. "I wanted to visit him several times but unfortunately his stepdaughter never wanted. Other friends and colleagues also tried to contact him but unfortunately it was not possible"Said Di Capri.

"Fred Bongusto he was a person always looking for ironies, between us there was that subtle competition that bound us, a nice and generous competition – the singer from Campania said – We did some tours together that we always had to suspend because they cost too much, I wanted my group he demanded his and with those costs it was impossible to go on ", concluded Peppino Di Capri.


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