Fraudulent elderly, 51 arrests between Naples and Milan: poor victims pushed to give money for "loved ones in difficulty"


Seniors pushed to give money to some "in need" relative – The phone calls started from call centers located in Italy and abroad. The victims were elderly, lonely people who were told that some relative had had an accident or was in great difficulty. And so the scam started and the elders, to "save" their relative, gave money, jewels, even the wedding ring of the dead husband or wife.

The scam raised up to 200,000 euros a week to the Camorra A crime company that in some cases was able to earn 200 thousand euros a week and that was under the direction of the Contini clan. There are all these behind the ordinances, over 50, taken throughout Italy. A network that does not refer to occasional crime but to a sort of specialization sector of the Camorra, of the Secondigliano Alliance and of the Contini clan. The scammers spoke in Italian but also in Spanish, in English. Persuasive voices, well-dressed characters, telephone cards that were used only one day and then thrown away. A survey started in 2015 on individual episodes which later turned out to be part of a single clan direction.

The technique used – Scammers youthey attacked a potential victim who was almost always in Naples posing as lawyers or members of the police. In the course of the call, they reported to the elder that the child or close relative had been arrested due to a traffic accident he was responsible for, thus asking for a sum of money, or the equivalent in valuables as a "deposit" required for immediate payment of a fine to free the spouse. Finally they said that one of their appointees was going to the house of the deceived to receive the sum or the goods.

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