Fraudulent bankruptcy, the mayor Mario Occhiuto for the Ofin case was adjourned for trial


The Gup has asked for the trial for the mayor of Cosenza Mario Occhiuto accused of fraudulent bankruptcy in the context of the Ofin bankruptcy affair. Sister Annunziata is sentenced to 1 year and 4 months. Carmine Potestio's position filed. The process will begin in April 2020

COSENZA – The Gup of the Cosenza court has decided that the Mayor of Cosenza will go to trial. Occhiuto is accused of fraudulent bankruptcy for a total of over 3 million of euro, in the context of the bankruptcy of Ofin, company of which he was a director until 2011. The preliminary hearing regarding the request for trial against Mario Occhiuto was postponed to today, for the legitimate impediment of the legal Nicola Carratelli. Within the same investigation the sister of the mayor Annunziata, as director and legal representative of the company from September to October 2014, the date of the bankruptcy, was sentenced with the abbreviated procedure to 1 year and 4 months with suspended sentence and no mention. Instead the position of Carmine Potestio is filed, partner of Ofin, former head of the Mayor's Cabinet to the Municipality. THEat the first hearing of the trial it is set for the April 2 next year.

Occhiuto "I'll clear my strangeness"

"I was expecting this decision, but I am sure that during the trial there will be a way to clarify my extraneousness to the facts that are contested to me" This is the first declaration of the Mayor of Cosenza at the end of the hearing. "The decree of indictment, as is known, – explains Occhiuto – nIt has no effect on the position of statutory auditor, nor does it constitute at all impediment for future political projects in place. As it was widely foreseeable – says Occhiuto again – also in light of the function that the code attributes to the preliminary hearing as well as to the complexity of the facts even if they date back in time, as elaborated by a reconstruction of the debatable Guardia di Finanza and by the extreme technicality of the crimes related to bankruptcy, the preliminary hearing judge considered thein-depth discussion. Obviously, this decision – the mayor of Cosenza continued – has no merit and I am convinced that the various arguments that can be deduced in my defense during the trial twill receive the due acceptance. To this end – he concludes -, I considered, although having the possibility, of not request any postponement of the hearing just to see as soon as ascertained my extraneousness with respect to the accusations that are made against me "

New troubles for Mario Occhiuto, investigated for fraudulent bankruptcy

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