Fraudulent bankruptcy: 3 businessmen and 2 professionals arrested; confiscations for 29 million


The military of Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza of Bergamo, as part of the operation TRIBE, from the early hours of Friday morning, are executing an ordinance that disposes the precautionary custody against 5 subjects of which 3 in prison and 2 under house arrest. Among those arrested are figures 3 entrepreneurs and 2 professionals, an accountant with offices in the province of Bergamo and an active tax consultant in the squares of Milan and Monza Brianza, already burdened by specific precedents.

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I'm 15 searches in progress by the Financiers in homes, commercial offices and company offices between the provinces of Bergamo, Milan, Monza and Brianza, Sondrio, Venice and Varese.

The arrest warrant, signed by the Judge for the Preliminary Investigations of the Court of Bergamo, Marina Cavalleri, at the request of the Deputy Prosecutor of the local Public Prosecutor's Office, Emanuele Marchisio, represents the epilogue of a detailed investigation conducted by the Economic Financial Police Unit of Bergamo on the causes of bankruptcy of a well-known company operating in the catering and canteen management sector and which involved 19 subjects, under investigation for various reasons fraudulent bankruptcy, laundering, self-laundering and false compensation of tax credits.

The military, through telephone and environmental interceptions, observation services, acquisition of testimonies, financial investigations and documentary evidence collected a series of elements that brought to light a real system devised by the main suspects aimed at the systematic dispossession of entrepreneurial realities brought to failure, once emptied of heritage and assets. The investigative investigations have also led to the operation of 6 additional companies, still active in the catering field, for which bankruptcy proceedings have been initiated.

The failure that led to the bankruptcy of the company being investigated in the 2013/2017 period was defined by the judge, in his order, of imposing size since the liabilities ascertained amount to over 36 million euros, of which 17 million to the Treasury and 4.5 million to the detriment of 767 former employees of the company.

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The investigations of the financiers have revealed at least three methods to damage the corporate coffers: the payment to the administrator of compensation for about 1 million euros, in spite of the situation of failure in which the company was paying; the performance, in the absence of consideration, of services in favor of other companies always attributable to the de facto director of the bankrupt for another 2 million euro; and finally the payment to the two professionals, also reached by precautionary measure, of about 5 million euro, accounting for the payment of taxes, which however were not paid to the Treasury, thanks to false compensation, but returned to the entrepreneur of the bankrupt company.

The payment of sums to 8 companies existing only on the card and not justified by the existence of commercial relations was also recorded. Overall, state investigations have made it possible to ascertainand distractions for around 10 million euros.

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During the interceptions it emerged the willingness of the entrepreneur at the center of the investigations to make significant investments abroad in the playground / adventure sector, a field in which his family had already gained a previous experience in the province of Bergamo. In order to hinder the traceability of money, part of the distracted sums have been transferred to foreign c / cs held by fictitious companies with offices in Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland.

The synergic operation of reconstruction of the economic-financial operations carried out by the investigators together with the precious contribution of the bankruptcy trustee, the late Stefano Mecca, tragically disappeared last month in a plane crash, it revealed the total unreliability of the accounting records and the falsification of the balance sheets in order to maintain access to bank credit.

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