France, the horror books of the pedophile surgeon: abuse of over 250 children


PARIS – The surgeon Jol Le Scouarnec, now retired and in prison, suspected of having committed abuses on over 250 children during his long career. Of the 184 victims who have already filed a complaint, 181 were minors at the time, said La Rochelle prosecutor, Laurent Zuchowicz. The Scouarnec could be the worst pedophile in the history of France.

Process next year

Today the doctor is 68 years old, and expects the process for the first months of 2020 to be held in the Saintes prison (south-west France). During a preliminary hearing he explained that he had begun to develop and support the attraction for girls in the mid-eighties, when the relationship with his wife, the only woman in his life, came into crisis. In 2005 a first sentence for possession of child pornography images. In 2017 the complaint from neighbors, after their nine-year-old girl told them that the doctor in the garden had lowered her pants and then touched it in her private parts.

Thirty years of abuse

From 1985-1986 to 2017 there are over thirty years, during which the doctor was able to continue to harass and rape despite the conviction in 2005 had revealed his tendencies. The history of Le Scouarnec testifies to the horrors that a man can be capable of, but it also shows the inefficiency and inertia of which the French administrative and judicial machine was made responsible.

Specialist in appendicitis

The doctor was a specialist in appendicitis, and thanks to this competence he had the chance to approach dozens of girls, after starting to harass not his three children – he swears – but his granddaughter who came to sit on my knees, after the crisis of my marriage I transferred my sexuality to her, she told the judge. Le Scouarnec then went on to abuse patients by passing her gestures as medical examinations.

Notebooks and dolls

The investigators reconstructed the enormous number of victims because the doctor used to write down every name and every violence on some notebooks, which were seized during a search in the hospital. At home in Jonzac (Charente-Maritime), however, the police found erotic toys, women's wigs and about twenty dolls, one of which had chains on its wrists. It served to satisfy my imagination without having to resort to a real child, he explained to the judges. The line of defense of his lawyer that many stories found in his notebooks are not really practiced violence but fantasies.

Aware of evil

The admissions of the doctor are very heavy: My sexual attraction is directed mainly towards girls of 9-10 years, at that age they are easier to seduce. From the age of 12 there is the upheaval of puberty, and the things of sex can do more violence. According to the psychiatric report, The Scouarnec totally lacks empathy, and welcomes the power he exerts over his victims. Yet in some cases the surgeon seemed to be aware of the harm he was doing and may have tried to avoid it, for example when, a year after his first conviction, in 2006 he asked the order of the Finistre doctors (in Brittany) for a colleague during the examinations on children to be protected. And when he started working at the Jonzac hospital two years later, he did not hide his conviction for child pornography images. Lawyer Kurzawa says his client never hid: I'm like that, a sexual deviant, he said. Yet for thirty years, they let him be a doctor.

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