France, 19 years old suffocates parish priest with a crucifix: in the past the priest had committed abuses


PARIS – The former pastor of Froissy, in Picardy, northern France, was killed on Monday night. He was suffocated with a crucifix in his throat by a 19-year-old who entered his home. Alexandre is still hospitalized, in a serious confusion. The priest, Roger Matassoli, had been celebrating mass in the country for 40 years before being suspended due to harassment and sexual abuse of altar boys.The Catholic community of Froissy is in shock, has known the parish priest for years, since he was assistant pastor in 1967 until, in 1988, he assumed responsibility for the parish of the Assomption de Notre-Dame. Finally in 2009, the parish priest had been suspended for the very serious facts he had been guilty of.
Matassoli had been suspended with a ban on celebrating liturgies, even privately. "In 2009 – reads a statement released yesterday evening by the bishop of the diocese of Oise, Jacques Benoit-Gonnin – having met a victim, I took measures against Father Matassoli to remove him from the public ministry. After presenting a complaint, we initiated a canonical procedure that allowed us to hear the victims' testimony. Therefore, the exercise of any ministry, even privately, was prohibited in Matassoli. "At the prosecution there are two complaints in 2018 for sexual violence committed on altar boys between 10 and 14 years in the parish. Facts that, for justice, were prescribed, because they were committed in 1962, and between 1976 and 1980. The bishop asked the victims "forgiveness", even during a personal meeting with one of them.

The newspaper Le Parisien he met one of the victims of the priest who, responding to an interview, reveals that the parish priest, in 2015, asked him "humbly forgiving" talking to him about the "wrongs" he had committed against him.

The young man accused of his death is now in the hospital in a state of "semidelirio and with no possibility of expression" said the prosecutor Florent Boura, he "never said he was personally a victim" of harassment or violence. But Matassoli was "a person close to his family". At this time, family and friends of Alexandre are questioned, who has not been well for a few weeks, according to family members, about fifteen days ago he had also attacked his father.

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