Framed by Juventus-Milan, the supporter becomes a star on social networks


ROME – Is called Francesca Taje and she is 21 years old Juventus that did not go unnoticed on TV during the postponement of the twelfth day of A league between the bianconeri and the Milan. The Juventus girl, in fact, was at the Juventus Stadium to watch the championship challenge between Sarri's team and the Rossoneri and was framed by Sky cameras. The image of Francesca with the Juve cap at the Stadium went around the web and sparked the comment of many fans, who even proposed the 21 year old as the Juventus godmother. Francesca is from Legnano, tifa Juventus and now it is having great success on social networks thanks to the framing during the Serie A match. Its image posted on social media, in fact, has already collected thousands of likes and hundreds of comments and in the last hours Francesca's followers on Instagram are passed from 7 thousand to almost 50 thousand 'followers'.

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