Four million euros evaded at the Tax Office. Houses, land and current accounts seized from two companies


In all they are four million euros that two different companies they would have escaped from the tax office.
There Guardia di Finanza of San Giovanni Valdarno, at the end of complex investigative activities, it brought to light the heavy irregularities of which two distinct entrepreneurial realities of the valley would have been authors.

But let's proceed with order.

In the first case the financiers have seized property and insurance policies for a total value of 700 thousand euros.

Everything started with an intervention of the yellow flames that, in the past weeks, had a firm as its protagonist active in the industrial packaging sector based in San Giovanni Valdarno. According to what was ascertained by the military, the company administrator would have "failed to present the planned tax returns, in order to conceal from the tax authorities, over 2 million euro".

This was followed by the sequestration of buildings and insurance policies, a precautionary measure ordered by the judge for the preliminary investigations of the court of Arezzo through a decree following the proposal of preventive seizure forwarded by the investigating judicial authority.

Instead, the second activity focused on one cooperative company active in the cleaning sector. According to the investigations carried out, the legal representative of the company would have "used over 2 million euro of false invoices to reduce revenues and thus falsely redefine its tax base, generating undue tax credits. Some real estate units, land and current account balances have thus been affected by the actual ablative measure of the administrator, up to the amount of 1 million euros ".

With the judgment of the judge for the preliminary hearing of the court of Arezzo, the yellow Valdarno flames followed confiscation of real estate units, land and inventories in the administrator's current accounts.

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