Found the bike of the globetrotter Mexican


It is a story fortunately with a happy ending and for this reason we gladly tell it. The Mexican biker Bernard Logar he was busy touring the world, arrived in Sicily he had toured Catania, to admire the baroque, but parked for a moment the bike, perhaps to stop and enjoy a granita, he never found it on his return. Her Rebecca, had been stolen.

The man immediately turned to the net, recounting his misadventure and launching an appeal on Facebook to find her again.

The appeal shared by thousands of users, it has not fallen on deaf ears and has aroused indignation from all over Italy and despair and shame on the part of the people of Catania.

Also the carabinieri they mobilized and found his Rebecca, a green bike that does not go unnoticed in the street in the street San Cristoforo district, a fairly infamous neighborhood of Catania.

The battery of the bike was flat, but the carabinieri bought him a new one to apologize for what happened in their city.

We hope that Bernard Logar will remember the people of Catania for their heart and not for the theft.

Antonella Cutolo

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