Found in Argentina the remains of a titanosaur: they date back to 85 million years ago


In Argentine, a student accidentally discovered fossil remains of a Titanosaurus about 85 million years on land belonging to the University of Comahue, in the province of Neuquen, and a group of specialists is already working to preserve them.

It would be about two vertebrae of about 200 kilos each, which were identified by a girl who was on the spot for a break.

Second Jorge Calvo, one of the paleontologists charged with examining the remains, the young woman saw a white bone on the surface of a rock and informed her mother and a teacher, Edith Simon, a paleontologist authorized to request excavation permits.

Bone remains "are among the largest pieces ever found in the province," Calvo said Neuquen Morning. "Although the area is extremely fossiliferous, much smaller remains are usually found," the man said, according to reports in the local press.

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Currently, those bones are believed to be part of the sample's neck. Moreover, that dinosaur lived there Patagonia, a southern region shared by Argentina and Chile.


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