Found dead in the river Cosa, it is investigated. No hypotheses excluded


On the discovery of a woman's corpse an official note from the police force was issued a short time ago. Which explains: at about 4 pm in the riverbed of the Cosa river, in the municipality of Alatri, a district of Sant'Emidio, the body of a lifeless woman was found near the local church and hidden by a bush.

The woman, probably on 30ina, partially dressed, he had a wound above the left eyebrow arch. He had no documents with him. The investigations of the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command concentrated on a disappearance report made that same morning and succeeded in identifying the body in Michela Rezza. On site Dr. Misiti of the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Frosinone. The body just now was taken away by the funeral parlor, presumably directed to the Frosinone morgue for an almost safe autopsy.

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