Foulard gets caught in the machinery and hangs it: 57-year-old worker in a coma


of Luca Pozza

MALO – Avicentine worker of 57 years is hospitalized in very serious conditions, in a coma, at the Santorso hospital following a accident at work took place today November 8th within the company Zaccaria Cartotecnica di Malo, in via Barsanti, in the industrial area, of which it has been dependent for many years. According to a first reconstruction the scarf that the woman had around her neck was caught in the gears of the machine she was working on and throttled her, risking making her die asphyxiated. The conditions of the worker, immediately rescued by work colleagues, appeared immediately very serious: it was the same colleagues who freed her from the scarf, which had become so tight that it could not breathe. An ambulance of the Suem 118 arrived at the site, whose health had stabilized and intubated it before transporting it, with sirens explained, to the hospital of Alto Vicentino, where it was immediately diverted to the intensive care unit. On site for the reliefs the carabinieri and the technicians of the Spisal: the machinery was placed under seizure.


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