Forza Italia, Berlusconi: "Mara Carfagna decides whether to stay or leave"


Mara Carfagna thinks of "Forza Italia Viva" – "If Renzi declared that he no longer wanted to support the left-wing government but had other ambitions, Forza Italia Viva could be a suggestion". Thus the vice president of the Chamber and exponent of Forza Italia Mara Carfagna, at Linkiesta Festival, had replied to those who asked her if she imagined a future different from the party and if she could ever think of joining Matteo Renzi in a sort of 'Forza Italia Viva'. "Today Renzi and I are in two different halves, but I don't know what will happen in the next few days; many after 25 years do not feel at ease in Forza Italia".

Michaela Biancofiore (FI): "Renzi not begging" – "No way to the left, Renzi knows this very well, so stop begging, take the assist of the Carfagna and contribute as a champion to make the party of the Nation gem." So the Forza Italia MP, Michaela Biancofiore, stressing that "the road is actually the suggestion of 'Forza Italia Viva Siamo Europei'".

Matteo Renzi: "Doors open to all" – Matteo Renzi, a few hours after the intervention of Mara Carfagna, from the same stage, replied on the possible marriage with a part of Forza Italia: "Doors open to those who want to come in this project, not as a guest but as a manager. It applies to Mara Carfagna and other leaders of her party. But we don't pull the jacket, Italia Viva is a natural landing for everyone, it's a matter of time ”.

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