Formula 1 2021, new cars, new rules and spending limits. So Liberty Media wants


The gestation lasted two years, but finally FAI and Formula 1 have formalized the new regulation that will come into force from 2021. Even the doubts of Ferrari have melted and the threat of veto has been lost between the articles and the paragraphs that want to bring the F1 back to the glories of the past, trying to put drivers and speed back on track.

Let's start with the most important change, that is a sharp cut to the aerodynamic thrust. The new rules will impose a simpler car, with different components that must be common to all the teams. The car shown in the images of this article is a sort of prototype of what the new cars will be like. This choice was taken basically for two reasons. First you want eliminate the turbulence, to date excessive, for the cars they chase. The "dirty" air causes the rear effect to lose ground, resulting in tire degradation and difficulty in overtaking. For the first time the new single-seater has been designed not thinking of those in front but those behind it.

The second consequence of a simpler car with precise constraints is purely economic. Curbing the compulsive development that has characterized the last two decades, the expenses for all the teams will drop, favoring the smaller ones. And here is another important new rule: the spending ceiling. The teams will have a maximum expenditure of 175 million dollars. Therefore the axiom "rich team, strongest team" will no longer be valid, since the money in the safe will be the same for everyone. Furthermore, mechanisms are being studied to steal cash prizes from the top ranked teams, and to redistribute these funds to those who immediately place themselves behind the podium, so as to force a leveling in performances.

We used to quote the simplest single-seaters with the same components for everyone. Some are also key pieces like the petrol pump, which will have to respect a precise design. Other restrictions concern, as already happens now, the number of replacements of a certain component during the season. An example in the new rules concerns brake pads. The teams will therefore be obliged to balance performance and wear. The engines remain the same, hybrids, of the last championships, but the exhaust system has been added to the list of limited components, for a maximum of six per season before incurring a penalty.

The entire race weekend is also changing compressed in less days, effectively eliminating Thursday, so as to favor the experience for the fans. The pre-race conference will therefore be on Friday, followed by the FP1 and FP2 tests, and the cars will be in the park already closed by FP3. The latest news concerns young drivers. All teams will have to put at the wheel a young prospect for at least two free practice sessions during the championship. The pilot must have no more than two great prizes on his shoulders as an experience.

Maintaining the necessary distances between the two categories, it is curious to note that with these new rules, Formula 1 approaches what has always existed in Formula E. Less expenses, more similar cars, short weekends, exaltation of the pilots. Formula 1, by its very conception, can never be an almost single-brand championship, as is Formula E at the moment, but the new rules will succeed in bringing even just a part of the balance and the show seen in the electric category, there expects a great Formula 1 of the future.

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