Former pastor killed with a crucifix: he was accused of pedophilia


A former pastor, Roger Matassoli, was found dead in his home in Agnetz, France. Only after the crime, the bishop announced that the priest had been removed from his parish following accusations of pedophilia. According to the information reported by Le Parisien, the alleged culprit, a 19-year-old boy by name Alexandre, he would have been subjected to a forced hospitalization. "At the time of his arrest he was in a delirious state," the prosecutor said Florent Boura.

The body was found last Monday in the house where the abbot Roger Matassoli lived, located in Agnetz, in the department of Oise, north of Paris. The news had strongly affected the faithful of the Assomption de Notre Dame church of nearby Frosssy, where the clergyman had been for 42 years deputy pastor and parish priest, until 2009.

But the shock, note le Parisien, has then grown in the face of the arrival of increasingly disturbing news. The autopsy revealed that the priest was beaten and died asphyxiated. Several sources, reported by the French media and not denied by the prosecution of Beauvais which investigates the case, reported that a crucifix was pushed into throat.

Priest killed with a crucifix: he was accused of pedophilia

Later the bishop of Oise, Jacques Benoit Gonnin, revealed that in 2009 he had banned the exercise of the priesthood in Matassoli, after two civilian houses for pedophilia had been brought against him. The victims were two altar boys between 10 and 14 years old. The facts, which occurred in one case in 1962, and in the other between 1976 and 1980, were now prescribed from the criminal point of view. "Today I still think of the victims of Abbot Matassoli," the bishop added.

It is not clear if the alleged murderess was aware of these events, of which the former parishioners of the abbot were unaware. The prosecutor Boura is waiting for the doctors to go ahead and interrogate Alexandre again, who "never indicated that he had been the victim of similar events" by the priest, a person close to his family. Family and friends of the young person will also be questioned. The boy had begun to manifest mental disorders and a fortnight ago, in "an altered state", he attacked his father.

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