former city councilor takes his own life


At the age of 64, Claudio Scalambrin, a former councilor in San Biagio di Callalta and, until yesterday, a Piave Services employee, took his life. The man, who lived alone, shot himself in his car on Friday with the gun he used to train at the Treviso shooting range. The news of his death immediately bounced around the town, causing so much sadness among all the people who knew him. To cause the extreme gesture of the man, who would soon be retired, was a cancer of the esophagus diagnosed recently and for which he should have started chemotherapy in the coming days. However, the fear of suffering linked to the disease is too great, already faced in the past due to a neoplasm of the colon. As reported by local newspapers, Scalambrin suddenly took his own life, leaving only a note to his brother with whom he had not had any relations for some time.

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