Forgione: "Two things work in Naples: one the team! Message from the Courier: I'm not there"


Angelo Forgione, Neapolitan journalist and writer, wrote a message on his official social profiles. The difficult moment of Napoli keeps the bank at bay.

The journalist and writer Angelo Forgione published a message on his official Facebook profile commenting on the situation that is experiencing Naples: "'In Naples a car does not work **, there is only football!' Said a nice day Aurelio De Laurentiis, magnifying his SSC Napoli reborn from failure. It was the year 2012, and the patron said a substantial truth regarding the private bound to the public, because one of the two entrepreneurial realities that today work well in #Napoli and Naples, or Gesac, the company that manages the airport of #Capodichino, had not yet begun the skillful job of recruiting the numerous flight companies that could have brought tourists to and from Naples, that is the dizzying growth that would have led the Naples airport from 5.5 million passengers in 2013 to the current 10 million SSC Napoli, in that January 2012, was settling in the competitions Europeans were preparing to win some national cups.Today it is among the top twenty Uefa ranking clubs, assiduously in the queen competition, the one that brings more money, more prestige and more international visibility To stay there, constantly, means bringing your name and that of your city to the mouth and before the eyes of millions of fans. Maybe someone chooses to go on a trip to Naples, for a Champions League trip or even for pure tourism, and finds more availability of flights compared to 2012, because today Capodichino is connected with a hundred international airports, it is a jewel glazed in June 2017 from the prestigious ACI Europe Award, the award for the best airport in Europe in the category of stopovers up to 10 million passengers (now broken) and is the real stimulator of tourism growth in Naples and Campania, while others are scrambling to to take credit for it without even managing to provide the city with sufficient services. #Gesac is about to saturate its maximum growth margin. the SSC Napoli, as it is structured, has essentially achieved it; growth that could only expand with a stage of ownership and assets that allow the qualitative leap from a commercial point of view ".

Angelo Forgione added: "In conclusion, two companies operate in Naples, the Naples and the Gesac, both useful in their respective measures to the international visibility of the city. However, it happens that Napoli is risking a breakdown in flight for a crowd all against all. Company, technical staff, players and fans, no one excluded in a risky crossover attack to which nobody escapes, falling into the exploitation of others. A danger of implosion is underway that must be interrupted, because it takes very little to destroy what has been built in fifteen years. There is at stake the near and remote future of the club that bears the city's name, and takes it to Europe, the one that really counts, and that brings not only distraction (too much) but also wealth to the city. Hotels, bars, restaurants, various commercial activities … sports tourism is an important voice in the economy of a territory, a remarkable opportunity for local development, especially for a city in difficulty like Naples. Do we really want to break the toy? Do we really want an anomalous Naples? Do we really want to spoil the joy of fun and entertainment in a very depressed social context? Do we really want to sacrifice the international prestige acquired in the name of destructive personalisms? Do we really want to give Naples and Naples the distorted and stereotyped image that too many are looking forward to being able to project? Today the Corriere dello Sport publishes on the front page a rather grim and gum-like image: Insigne belly on the ground like a corpse and smoke bombs as if it were guerrilla warfare. Title: MALANAPOLI. And then words like "scripted" and "respect". Subliminal scenes from a crime, and thank goodness that the Barbano fund, director of the Roman sports daily and former director of Il Mattino, says "Instructions for not hurting yourself any more". No, I'm just not there for the message of the Corsport title, and nobody should be there. All the actors of this unworthy bowel clash are doing it, a step backwards in order not to get hurt and not to be harmed, because if the blue plane were to fall, nobody would come out alive. And many are waiting for nothing else to happen ".

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