force Mittal to stay. Jindal slips off. Strikes in progress


Ilva, Conte flies to Taranto. Di Maio: force Mittal to stay. Jindal slips off. Strikes in progress

While for the former Ilva the already rare hopes of an interest of the Indian Jindal group, Giuseppe Conte fly to Taranto from the workers. The premier is expected in the afternoon, we learn from union sources. The exit from the scene of ArcelorMittal it is now more than a fear. For Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio "must oblige» the Indo-European society "to stay in Taranto».

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The new day of passion about the future of the Taranto steel mill opened with Jindal's cold shower: "We strongly deny", says a tweet posted on the group's Twitter channel, the press rumors that "Jindal Steel & Power could renew his interest in the Taranto steel plant ». Jindal was part of the old consortium with CDP and Arvedi beaten by ArcelorMittal at the time of Gentiloni and today is the owner of the Piombino steelworks.

Meanwhile, the Ilva commissioners in extraordinary administration will present an application to the Puglia judicial authority to request the extension of the deadline of December 13 set by the court for the implementation of the security adjustments of the Altoforno 2 subjected to seizure after the accident in June 2015 in which the worker Alessandro Morricella died. The same commissioners have said it, Francesco Ardito, Alessandro Danovi and Antonio Lupo, in a meeting held yesterday in the Public Prosecutor's office with the prosecutor of Taranto, Carlo Maria Capristo.

Ilva, M5S split. Ira di Di Maio with the Apulians: "Enough or I'll take you to vote"

Luigi Di Maio
«The old consortium no longer exists we must oblige Arcelor Mittal to remain in Taranto», says Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio during the Ansa forum. It's still: «Dialogue is fine but without threats: Arcelor Mittal knew he would find a government that claims to be respected by pacts. Asking to go away from Taranto is an unacceptable action that is not a prerequisite for dialogue. It seems absurd to put 5,000 people on the road ".

The strike failed
The strike called by the trade unions in Taranto in the former Ilva steelworks fails. writes this, telling that, along the external perimeter of the factory, the first element that is evident is the absence of union leaders. No garrison and many employees at work. Outside, to demonstrate, there are neither delegates nor workers. No procession in the city. The management's reception rooms, the A and the D, are deserted. However, in these last two parking lots are fairly crowded with cars and motorcycles. The outward sign that so many have gone to work. On the other hand, there is a great deal of attention to the business concierge.

Early in the morning there are a few hundred people, then, slowly, the crowd thins out. But there are still workers and delegates. And with them, the union flags. Of course, Friday is also a day of redundancy (in Taranto it involves 1,276 employees for 13 weeks from 30 September) but the fact that there is no shredding in front of the main gatehouse is not irrelevant. The strike was called by Fim, Fiom and Uilm against the 5,000 redundancies declared by ArcelorMittal and the start of the withdrawal from the contract by the multinational company that returns establishments, plants and personnel to the extraordinary administration of Ilva from which he had taken them a year does.

Meanwhile Moody's confirms ArcelorMittal's' Baa3 'rating but changes the outlook from' established to 'negative'. The review, a note reads, "reflects the rapid decline in profits this year in the context of a declining demand from the end market and a deterioration of the spreads on steel". "Further downward pressure" on the rating could come "from the inability to execute without friction and in a timely manner the proposed resolution to purchase Ilva".

Maurizio Landini
«ArcelorMittal has signed an agreement that has very precise commitments. He did it with the Government, with the union. The first problem is to apply that agreement. Other discussions now mislead the problem. It cannot discharge its responsibilities and the Government must do its part, removing any alibi ". Thus, on the sidelines of the day dedicated to the 'Contrast to the Mafia, underway today in Bologna, the general secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini, regarding the situation of the Ilva of Taranto. "We said it last night at the discussion table," he said. All together we have to tell ArcelorMittal to apply the agreement that includes investments, the respect of employment levels and at the same time we must ensure that there are no legal problems for anyone compared to the investments that must be made. These two conditions must travel together ". Moreover, explains Landini, "the initiatives of mobilization, of strikes are having enormous success and which demonstrate the will of the people to defend the agreements that were obtained after complicated and difficult years".

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