For the president the squad is wide, but meanwhile the Toro has a relegation average


Apparently our president from that ear just does not want to hear us and indeed continues undaunted with his line, even going so far as to declare that the rose is wide, hinting that in January we will certainly have sales and hardly new arrivals. Does this seem to you a President who cares about the sporting fortunes of the presiding club? A week ago I urged the current maximum grenade leader to sell the company. I received a lot of feedback, both positive and negative. Someone even phoned me to challenge my ideas. Fortunately I write for a magazine that does not impose its own editorial line on its own columnists, but leaves freedom of expression of its own thought.

In this regard, after a derby lost (yet another!) With only one shot on goal shot by Ansaldi at 70 '(if we exclude the passage from outside the area of ​​Rincon to Szczesny just after the penalty not awarded to Toro), after the president's statements at the presentation of the model's calendar, after Mazzarri's reaction against the old Philadelphia fan and his conference on the eve of Brescia-Turin, it only remains for me to increase the dose in inviting Walter Mazzarri and Urbano Cairo to leave us, because Taurus is not for them.
In the derby we saw a game in which Toro did not disfigure, and Sirigu, Belotti and Ansaldi showed the real desire to fight. In my opinion, they were the only three to show attachment to the shirt and grenade pride. However, "do not disfigure" does not mean playing well. Certainly we did not take Rome's boat from Lazio, but we still return home with zero points. It is true, Nkoulou was missing in defense, but the horrors generated by the line in front of Sirigu were chilling. On more than one occasion it seemed to me that we had returned to having the free in front of the goalkeeper. In particular, I consider the action that led Cristiano Ronaldo to the right-hand shot, crossing the shot at the second post where San Salvatore avoided the net on the Portuguese low; the action comes from Izzo (this year unrecognizable in the quality of his performances) which is not in line by several meters, leaving Matuidi unmarked on the left and holding Ronaldo in play, with the latter having taken the time to Bremer.

President, it's time to fold

Here this action shows how the strong point of Taurus last year, namely the defense, this year it is watering from all sides. Last year I was talking about Mazzarri's game as a bad game, but effective above all for the defense's performance, this year without the flagship of last season, the results are coming out dramatically less. And if Sirigu had not been in the goal, the few victories of this season would have been certainly less, especially against Atalanta which took us literally to the ball. Now in Brescia it will be hard because the blue-white players come from an exemption and Mr. Mazzarri will play his stay, but sincerely I hope for a change because I believe that now the team does not follow him.
Mazzarri also cannot afford to say that he has a clear conscience, as he said in reply to the fan that challenged him to the Philadelphia. Especially if it has endorsed an indecent summer market that has in fact compromised the overcoming of the Europa League preliminaries. He who on the eve of the return already declared that getting out of the EL would have been a sorrow, but that he had to look ahead, cannot have a clear conscience, because that immediate future he had to look at has brought us here. In the derby the Toro played less worse than in Rome against Lazio, a competition set on pressing, but the players didn't have the desire to win. In my opinion, a coach should explain why Toro is one of the Serie A teams that pulls less on goal.
Tomorrow in Brescia the Toro will have several unavailable players and it seems that at the Philadelphia the Tuscan coach has tried the 3-4-3 studied for a long time in the summer and never tried since the beginning in the official races. Well, then I would like for once Mazzarri to show courage and finally field the Verdi-Belotti-Millico trident, because if Toro wants to shake off this situation and wants to reverse the average relegation undertaken by several games, it is necessary to pull on goal , to be able to score and therefore win. Surely the will that will have Millico in the field will be greater than the softness on the part of the different interpreters seen for example in Rome against Lazio.
Turning to the president, it seems that the grievances exploded by more outbreaks of grenade do not concern him, instead he is the main architect of this mediocrity. Declaring that you have a large squad rather than saying that you intend to reinforce the team appears patently provocative. The president has always declared that he does not want to make proclamations, but he would have the sacrosanct duty to expose the sports goals to the fans and how soon he intends to reach them. If he is unable to plan growth steps like Atalanta did, he has to go. He took the bull for free, could make the greatest surplus of his presidency and greet us by saying, as they say, the bang. This will get us back to breathing grenade air. Among the criticisms made against me a week ago I was asked "to buy the Taurus" or even "to find a buyer". But gentlemen, if one puts a company up for sale, buyers may come. If they have good liquidity, otherwise the right buyer is expected. And then there are the fans. When Toro was in Giovannone's hands and grenade supporters pressed to give it to Cairo even with far too convincing methods, they got what they wanted. So all these fears about who knows who buys us are false problems. We cannot know in advance the intentions of an entrepreneur or a consortium or a magnate, such as we did not know the intentions of Cairo. If when he took us in 2005 he said "I will aim to get the seventh place in Serie A in 14 years of presidency", would we have praised him? Would we have paved the way for him? Probably not. For which president, put the company up for sale and can go back to doing what you do really well: the entrepreneur.

President, when is a mea culpa?

Finally, to highlight even more, if any were needed, the inadequacy of the grenade corporate structure, I will tell you what is happening in these last days in my city. L'Aquila Calcio has failed and is restarted from the First Category. This year it is in Promotion and the company has literally been taken in hand by the fans who have done a fantastic job in raising funds from the sponsors and have given the city a very respectable corporate organization chart, as follows: president, vice president, treasurer-secretary, general manager, sports director, team manager, plus other collaborators and advisors. Clearly I don't want to make a comparison between the managers, above all because they cannot compare professionals and amateurs, but an organization chart of the kind in a championship like that of Promotion is a luxury. Toro, on the other hand, has a president who has no ambitions for sports results in my opinion, a general manager who I heard about for the first time after a match, last Sunday after the derby, a sports director who did not market this year, a operating director who works mainly behind the scenes, a team manager who cannot contain the Nkoulou case and Emiliano Moretti, whose role is still known. This causes the exasperation in which Cairo brought us with its modus operandi.

Vincenzo Chiarizia, a grenade journalist, collaborates with various Abruzzese newspapers that deal with amateur football, for which he writes and carries out commentary. Fifth of six male children (almost all grenades), he works and lives in L'Aquila with a partner who is half grenade.

Disclaimer: the commentators hosted by Toro News express their thoughts independently of the editorial line followed by the editorial staff of the online newspaper, which has always made pluralism and free sharing of opinions its own distinctive trait.

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