For R-We exist it is all the fault of the elections. "The League must return to its warhorses: so Mark, after Arlind, Yasin, Djamal, Desmond …"


BELLINZONA – The story of Mark, the Ukrainian student of CSIA, repatriated with his family, reopens the theme of the people who must leave Switzerland despite being, as in this case, integrated.

The Collective R-Exist we are back on the attack, and the one responsible for them is only one: "More clear than that could not be:" that the League returns to its warhorses, security and immigration. "After the new electoral beating, State Councilor Norman Gobbi re-launches the politics of fear, appealing to those issues that have made his fortune and those of his own and without which they probably would have no reason to exist. And we would all live at least a little better, "a statement reads.

"He would certainly live" better "Mark, a CSIA student from Lugano, who was deported this morning at dawn by a large police contingent, on the orders of the SEM. The mice spill out at dawn and soon this morning, despite the protests and the attempted blockade of numerous students and students of CSIA, friends and solidarity, the perverse logic of deportations continues and Mark and his family are deported to Zurich, to be sent back to Kiev from where they had escaped ”, this is how the repatriation of the Ukrainian family is told.

"Deportation as a vision of the world," the statement continues. "When it comes deliberately to get rid of, to break a life of a minor boy and his family – as indeed had already been done in the past with the cases of Arlind and Yasin – is the practical example of the inhumanity of a system whose hinges are based on the systematic use of violence and coercion as a resolution of "conflicts". We do not enter into the merits if "an integrated life" is worth more or less than other lives, since the freedom of movement, of staying and of living is one and must be for all and all. Because the nature of these policies is always the same: that of annihilation, isolation, war, trauma. That is the divine right of those who determine who can live and who cannot. Necropolitics or death policies: where superior beings exist with "rights" (some more, some less) and inferior beings – garbage, useless liquidity – to be taken, deported, locked up, drowned, blocked ", is the hardest attack."

Then other cases are mentioned: "Djamal would certainly live better. Forty-five years, from 16 in Ticino, Algerian. In the years locked up in the bunker of Camorino in disastrous conditions (illness, depression) and stuffed with psychiatric drugs. Suddenly brought to the Press to then be deported last week by a dozen black men dressed, unidentifiable, handcuffed and treated like a garbage bag. Djamal, in a game of the absurd and the unbelievable, is taken to the airport of Agno (already, it seems that for something this port is working), under escort, and made to fly on a military plane!), Landed in Geneva and put on a scheduled flight, with Swiss policemen, who also went to Algiers despite the much-maligned national borders. And who cares if to be repatriated to Algeria you have to be a volunteer and give your consent. "

Or: "The Eritrean woman and her two children would live a different life, one of whom was an epileptic and in a wheelchair taken from the center of Cadro and sent back to Brindisi. Same fate for the Azeri woman and her two children, aged 4 and 8, taken at dawn from the boarding house at the Santa di Viganello. Or who knows what Desmond, a Nigerian boy, killed immobilized and sedated, a few years ago, during an attempted deportation to Zurich "could tell."

"It does not matter if in a bunker, in a pension, in a federal or cantonal center: deportations die, the few certainties are lost, it returns to one of the many hells created by the looting of the West. Already because, according to the data of the same SEM, published a year ago by the weekly magazine Caffe, there were 4,014 people in Switzerland waiting to be repatriated or sent back to another country. Of these 55 were located in Ticino. In 2017 there were 6,689 people who could not be found, while those "accompanied" abroad were 5,164. And for 287 forced deportation had become necessary. Up and down "every damn day". Mark, Djamal, the Eritrean family and the Azeri family, Desmond. Some of the many examples that occurred in the invisibility and everyday life of suspended lives. And, beyond voluntariness or not and emotions and essential personal and fraternal ties, it is an entire system that must be deconstructed from its very foundations ".

"A system that is supported and enriched precisely by wars, production and sale of weapons, boats on the Mediterranean, domination, looting and devastation of countries, territories and populations. And that without these "elements" it would not survive. To put one of the first "likes" to the Turkish armed intervention against the Democratic Confederalism in Rojava, was the same Norman Gobbi, well aware that the slaughter of the Turkish army, with the consent of the major Western powers, nothing else would have caused that the umpteenth human disaster that led to further population exodus that will allow us to resurface walls at the borders, armies to guard them, bunkers and "prisons" – now desolate empty – where to shut them up. A simple game. The production of "refugees" and the creation of an economic structure capable of managing them, rejecting them, deporting them, enriching themselves. A game that could soon get out of hand ", predicts R-Existiamo.

"And if it is not for solidarity and complicity with those who travel or with those who are postponed, as happens today with Mark, it will be because soon -" except us … we the eternal invaded … we barricaded ourselves in our hunting reserves, in our ghettos, (…), we cling as Arpagone to a papier-mache gold "- there will no longer be" citizens "but only" refugees ". A population replaced by a population of refugees, each in the other's country, each fleeing from their own, all without houses and without documents, without rights or means of support. Perhaps it will be there, that day, that perhaps we will end up envying the fugitives, who at least have the world before their eyes ”, the group even speculates.

"Because beyond proclamations and communiques it is only the active solidarity of those who fight against the industry of war, deportations and rejections, to be able to stop these death policies! Enough deportations. Closing of the Camorino bunker. Freedom of movement and installation for all and all. No borders ”, they finish.

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