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In the evening, at the end of a day in which he showed his muscles evoking "the legal battle of the century" against the grim multinational that does not respect the agreements, Giuseppe Conte finds himself with the match in his hand. 24 of the 48 hours of the ultimatum given to ArcelorMittal have passed to review the heavy demands on the future of the former Ilva of Taranto and the prime minister has not even collected an appointment. The steel giant does not trust the premier because the government does not receive a signal that could lead to a rethinking. Even on the minimum basis of the game, that is the restoration of the penal shield, the executive does not have the strength to make a progress, blocked by the niet of the 5 stars. Mittal does not raise, the negotiation does not take off.

The day after the meeting at Palazzo Chigi, a generator of exasperation and clashes in the majority, records an empty hit by the government. In the middle of the afternoon, Conte introduces himself in the Porta a Porta studio: he relaunches the legal battle, calls the "country system" to him, tries to remove the alibi of immunity to Mittal, stating that the government will approve a provision "ad horas ". Muzzle hard, but also admission that a negotiation with Mittal is being sought. On the other hand, plans b and c, that is, commissioner management and nationalization, have a very heavy cost in terms of consensus because it is the State, and therefore the Italians, to pay. Except that no opening is recorded on the other side. Sources close to the dossier explain to Huffpost that in the Mittal house great diffidence towards the prime minister reigns. The reasoning is the following: if Pd and 5 stars are not even able to come to an agreement on the shield, with Conte who finds himself blocked by quarrels within the majority, how it is possible to deal with issues that for Mittal are essential, that is the revision of the production and redundancies?

To sit at a table now, it is the continuation of this reasoning, it is useless. Nor is the company planning to deal with requests made on Wednesday on the government table. The line remains the same: to stay in Taranto it is necessary to reduce production to 4 million tons, five thousand redundancies, via all the constraints on the blast furnace 2, a penal shield for managers.

Faced with this scenario, the government must necessarily think of an alternative plan. He has to do it out of necessity, but also to put pressure on Mittal. In short, showing oneself without a solution in hand is a sign of weakness. And many, from Salvini to the workers, are there to say that this government is failing, it is not capable of safeguarding thousands of jobs. If Mittal were to leave, says Conte to the unions, Confindustria and local authorities that he meets in the afternoon at Palazzo Chigi, then the former Ilva will end up in the hands of the commissioners, under the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Development. It is the Alitalia model: the commissioners, appointed by the government, manage the cash and ferry the company towards its future, which at this moment imagines itself incardinated in the scheme of a new public tender. Race, however, which would take three years to complete. In the background there is the hypothesis of nationalization, that is the state that owns the Tarantino plant. However, both solutions are full of risks at all levels. The commissioner management wants to materialize through the bridging loan tool: it's public money. Nationalization is an even more remote solution because we need the green light of the European Antitrust and then there is the cost of the acquisition, estimated at 4 billion. Besides the fact that then the management of the company, from the reclamation to the salaries, would be charged to the coffers of the State.

The plan a, that of the negotiation with Mittal, it was said, is at stake. But it is not the only match in his hand that he found himself holding in his hand. The country system does not take shape: in Taranto the workers no longer believe it, the unions point to strikes, the CISls rejects the strategy of the legal battle, Confindustria invites to negotiate with Mittal on production. And then there is Salvini, who promises support in exchange for the admission of a defeat by Conte. The 5 stars are with the premier, but behind the statements of support there is a stop to the penal shield, the brake that keeps the negotiation with Mittal blocked. The future of the former Ilva is hanging on all this.

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