For Mattarella the whole industrial system is at stake: it is necessary to hurry


You must hurry up to solve the Ilva crisis. Find ways to get out of it quickly, keeping together the problem of employment and that of industrial continuity. This is true for the Taranto steel plant, on which you must concentrate immediately, but also for Alitalia, Whirpool and the many other open company crises. We cannot afford, on the wave of the abandonment of Arcelor Mittal, to take a systemic effect on our businesses. Here is the recommendation of Sergio Mattarella to the premier, who yesterday morning had gone up early at the Quirinale to report the details of the long and disappointing meeting with the leaders of the Indian giant, culminating in the claim of his negotiators to have the government accept different contractual modifications market conditions, a penal shield and above all 5,000 redundancies in the Apulian steel industry. Requests, the latter in particular, that the tenant of Palazzo Chigi rejected – pending a new confrontation with a predictable outcome anyway – being aware of which social bomb would trigger in the South, and not only there.

The lack of a law

Conte knows and the head of state knows it. To which of course it is not up to the synthesis and to indicate the solutions, because this touches to the politics, but that it remains in alarm also for as the game is managed in the last years, from part of different executives. There are many doubts, Mattarella. Starting from the fact that attention has been focused on the judicial shield. His reasoning that in that way he lost sight of the real question, which are the 10 thousand and most employed. But that's not enough. For Colle, in fact, the problem of this blocked Italy is to create the conditions – general and specific – so that national companies, in addition to foreign ones, invest in the country. And to succeed, its constant reporting, serves a climate of stability and regulatory certainties. This is the challenge recalled by the president to Conte, a challenge to which the occupation is bound. Other than a shield, as it was right to put it back to remove the excuses of escape to the leaders of Arcelor Mittal. And on the puzzle of Taranto, without going into the negative calculations of profitability made by managers, he shares the widespread opinion that the lack of an adequate law has had a weight in the corporate backward step. Like many others, Mattarella was struck, for example, by the contradictory sequence of the ad hoc law decrees (from that contained in the decree of growth at the last, dating back to September 3, when the political crisis was still open) and the subsequent targeted amendments that have occurred in recent months. With the result that the government was schizophrenically denied, interfering in the ILVA dispute.

Straight to the vote

It's more. The black smoke on the destiny of the steel plant is associated as an additional intoxicating element in the climate of high tension that tears the majority. In the meeting at the Quirinale, the premier summarized the terms of the last clash – very hard, he explained – that took place the other night during the Council of Ministers. By now, among the permanent litigation government partners. What materializes shadows of crisis, just as one of the most difficult Budget laws is at stake. The sensors Mattarella has in Parliament have not been able to solve the puzzle of where the yellow-green partners really intend to go. Conte aims to resist to the bitter end. Half a Pd (abundant) seems oriented to break, for fear of paying too high a price for this alliance. The 5 Star Movement struggling with a fierce internal showdown. And Renzi as always indecipherable on his intentions. Everyone knows that if the executive should fall, perhaps due to a road accident, the Colle will not attempt to build alternatives. N techniques, n institutional. You will go straight to the vote.

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